Avoid These Freelancing Mistakes at Any Cost


There are chances that if you have been freelancing for a while, you have already made some mistakes. If you are new to the industry, still going through freelancing courses, you may not have made the same mistakes yet, but you will probably do these sooner or later.

Imagine this: you put all your work, your efforts, and your concentration on a single project, only to get an irritable response from your client, did you make this classic freelancing mistake? You don’t understand where it came from until you realize you really sent it to the wrong person in a completely different business … Doh.

That same upsetting feeling can happen at any time when you’re a freelancer, even if it’s not an epic failure as the last. It’s hard to predict how a client will react to certain situations. Still, you may be making mistakes that have seen to disappoint and frankly annoy your client.


In this epic freelance guide, I’ve listed some of the most common freelancing mistakes and how to avoid them:

Blind Job Applications

Have you ever met a challenging client because you didn’t bother to read the reviews before applying for their job offer? Did you reject a good project because you had already taken five “rapids”? If yes, then you know what we are talking about.

There is no need to enter a frenzy when applying for a job. Reviews are there to save you from customers that will only waste your time. So before you even consider the request, read what other freelancers are saying about a client and what the client is responding to. You will be amazed at how many clients disappear in the middle of the project or find excuses to avoid payment.

Not Interacting with Clients

When working remotely, communication is already a sensitive issue. Especially when there is a time difference. Plus, your client probably has a lot to do and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Knowing that they can count on you for a timely response and regular project updates will relieve a lot of stress. And become your desired freelancer!

We do not suggest that you sleep with your cell phone under your pillow, but check it regularly. Even if you can’t solve the problem right away, let your customer know about this.

Too Much Work Load

Taking too much work is one of the main sources of stress. Hustling is now considered essential to running a freelance business, but sitting at your desk for 16 hours won’t be upright for anyone. It is the most frequently made freelancing mistake.

Limit yourself to a limited number of projects, or clients, within a specific timeframe. That way, you can focus on creating your best work without sending last-minute pieces to someone who pays for quality.

Repeatedly Missing Deadlines

Freelance tasks must be completed before the provided deadline. It does not matter if it is you or the client who sets the date, it is necessary that you do everything possible to hit the deadline.

Repeatedly missing deadlines indicate a lack of professionalism and are one of the biggest freelancing mistakes. Your empty promise to finish the job could cause a major disruption to your business. Avoid making such mistakes at any cost.

Losing Work-Life Balance

When you start freelancing, you can’t wait to satisfy your existing clients, get new clients, make a name for yourself, succeed! And it’s perfectly fine.

Here’s the problem, when there is no standard work schedule, the balance between personal and professional life can become blurred. You’re putting all of your energy and time to work, and you’re slowly running out. This will ultimately backfire and affect the quality of your work.

As much as you enjoy (or need) to work, it is essential to maintain a balance between work and life. To do this, set a limit on the hours of work per day and make room for daily activities, whether it’s hanging out or playing a hobby.

Not Saving for Retirement

Considering the above cases and the fact that it sometimes takes time to build a stable base of consistent clients, it can be easy to focus on the short term. However, unless you plan to be self-employed forever, you must save for retirement. Talk to a financial professional about the best retirement savings options for freelancers.

In Conclusion

For people who want to leave traditional companies and explore more flexible employment conditions, there have never been more opportunities than freelancing. By making smart financial decisions and developing marketable professional skills, you can build a successful freelance business and ensure that you always work on your own terms, and perhaps even earn more than you would for a traditional job. By avoiding some of the most common freelancing mistakes and protecting yourself from the risk of not earning enough, getting work, losing ground, or worse, you are much more likely to enjoy a long and happy freelancing… Good luck!


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