Baby Smoove Biography, Age, Career, Net worth

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Who is Baby Smoove?

Baby Smoove is an American hip-hop musician and rapper. He is best known for his hit songs such as “IV”, “Losing my mind pt.2”, “on the flow”, and “Hellcat”. He was featured by Lil Yachty on the song, “Don’t Even Bother” which was released in May 2021.

This post will be writing about Baby Smoove biography, age, career, net worth, birthplace, real name, and other facts about him. First, let’s look at his profile.

NameBaby Smoove
Date of birth3 December 1996
Net worthunknown

Baby Smoove Biography

Baby Smoove was born on the 3rd of December, 1996 in Detroit, Michigan, United States.
Little is known concerning his family background and educational history. Also, Baby Smoove has not revealed his real name, he is widely addressed by his stage name, Baby Smoove.

Keep this page bookmarked and check back when we have information on his early life, parents, real name, and education. One thing Baby Smoove was known for was his passion for music.

Baby Smoove has been spotted with a lady in a picture on Instagram, but that’s all we know about his relationship life, it’s not clear if he is dating anyone or not.

Baby Smoove
Baby Smoove

Baby Smoove Career

Baby Smoove began his career in music with his first song titled “SuperSonic” which was released in September 2012 and featured Rell. Then he was going by the name Bandcrew Smoove until 2016 when he changed his name to Baby Smoove.

His first songs on YouTube were able to gather a good number of streams. He followed up “SuperSonic” with another song titled “Closer To My Dreams”. He had a rough start in getting his music out and making returns, but he didn’t stop making music.

Baby Smoove began gaining recognition in 2015 when he released a song titled “Never Stop Cashin”.

He followed up with songs like “BAPE”, “Sixty”, “Absurd”, “Mr. Perfect”, and “Akorn”, which garnered more than a million views each on YouTube. Those songs helped him to earn a spot in the hearts of his loyal fans.
Baby Smoove released his debut album, titled “Riding With the Goat” on October 28, 2017. The album consisted of 11 songs, Kane, Superstar, I have a Dream, Attentions, Goat, Paul George, Imagination, Pain, Feel the Same, Ben Franklin, and Feeling Me.
His second album “Why So Serious” was released on April 13, 2018. In the same year, he released another album titled “I’m Still Serious”.

Baby Smoove kept his fans entertained by releasing 4 albums: Flawless, Mr. Perfect, Purple Heart, and Baby all in 2019. In 2020, he released three more, Practice, I’m still Perfect, and Hardwood Classic.

Baby Smoove has a low profile on social media but he is not unpopular. He has more than 190,000 followers on Instagram and more than 29,000 on Twitter.
His YouTube channel which went live in August 2020, has over 90,000 subscribers and more than 60 million streams.

Baby Smoove Net Worth

Baby Smoove’s net worth has not been estimated because he has not made any of his assets public although he makes a handsome amount from his music.


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