Brodie Moss Biography, Age, Nationality, Boat, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Who is Brodie Moss?

Brodie Moss is a popular Australian YouTuber who previously worked as an electrician before quitting his job to open his famous Youtube channel Youngbloods. Brodie Moss normally posts videos of himself, hiking, fishing, and camping with his youtube followers.

Brodie could be seen in his adventurous videos hunting wildlife out in the forest or deep into the oceans playing with marine life.

In this article, I would be writing on Brodie Moss biography, age, nationality, boat, girlfriend, and net worth but let’s take a look at his profile below.

NameBrodie Moss
Date Of BirthUnknown
Net Worth$1,200,000

Brodie Moss Biography

Little is known about Brodie Moss’s family background, date of birth, or educational background. But we know he has a brother called Jacko Moss.

Brodie Moss is an Australian Vlogger who runs the Youtube channel @YBS Youngbloods where he posts adventure videos, hiking, and camping videos with his dog. Brodie Moss was brought up in Australia and his videos are shot from Australia where he and his team are based. Though Brodie Moss is a celebrity, he likes to keep his private life secret hence the reason why his date of birth or age is unknown.

Brodie Moss 1
Brodie Moss

Brodie Moss Boat

Brodie Moss has a boat that he uses to film his fishing adventures and the name of the boat is Genesis 750xl cuddy Cabin wide and it was designed by Genesis craft. The boat is estimated to be worth $250,000 also, Brodie did a tour of the boat on his channel YBS YoungBloods.

Brodie Moss Dog

Brodie Moss has a dog named Stryda that appears in all his videos and he calls the dog his best friend and he has established a good relationship with the dog. In one of his videos, Stryda was almost eaten by sharks but was saved by Brodie who did not want to lose his friend.

Brodie Moss Girlfriend

Brodie Moss was previously in a relationship with Amberleigh West until they broke up however, his present girlfriend is Victoria Ferreira and she is an Argentine who was traveling with her friends in Australia and when the lockdown began, she became neighbors with Brodie Moss. Victoria can be seen in some of Brodies’ videos and she is now a member of the YBS teams.

Brodie Moss net worth
Brodie Moss

Brodie Moss Net Worth

Brodie Moss is not only a Youtuber but he also has a Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok account where he also posts videos of his adventures alongside his team.
Brodie is estimated to be worth $1.2 million and he makes his money from his Youtube account, selling merchandise, spearguns, and spearfishing accessories on his website


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