Brymo – Brain Gain (Lyrics and Review)

Brymo - Yellow

Brymo releases his latest and 7th album titled “Yellow”. Yellow is a 15 track album comprising of various mixed-genre songs including “Brain Gain”.

Brain Gain is one of the songs in Brymo’s latest song collection “Yellow”. Brain Gain is a pop song with a spice of Jazz. Brymo in Brain Gain lyrics expresses the need for people to smarten-up. There is a place all perfect and prospering, he was told. Until he got there, only to find out that it is not as it is being told in the stories. Only those who stick around you during tough times are the real ones. These are the messages imbedded in Brymo’s Brain Gain lyrics.

Check out Brymo’s Brain Gain lyrics.


Finger snapping*

Verse 1

I be dey tell my brother, make e hear
E Say e know the place wey sweet pass here
Where the people care and government fair
I tell am say make I hear, if I hear


Plenty Plenty stories
na when you go, you go hear the true story
Things dey hard
for everybody
Brain gain, na e we need

Verse 2

Some people stay through the wear and tear
Na how you go tell if e real I swear
love no be game like chess
Dark skin people dey hear


Plenty plenty stories
na when you go, you go hear the full story
Things dey hard fro everybody
Brain gain, na e we need


Plenty Plenty stories
I start to talk am e go dey till the morning
Eee ahh

Brain gain, na e we need, eee ah


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