Football club in Kano State buys player for N5,000 – see reactions

Football club in Kano State buys player for N5000

A local second division club in Kano State – Super Stars FC is in the news after they signed-in a new player, Ibrahim Salisu Iriyos for N5,000 – approximately $14. The unbelievable report from BBC news says that the transfer is the most expensive in the town.

Football club in Kano State buys player for N5,000
Ibrahim Iriyos

Ibrahim Iriyos is a football striker appreciated for scoring goals in his previous club – Aston Villa Gano, but has an eye for Superstars FC.

He trains with Super Stars FC whenever Aston Villa Gano goes on break. He pricked the Superstars  FC managers during training sessions with his striking prowess. Ibrahim Iriyos now plays with Superstars FC of Kano State.

Super Stars FC and Aston Villa Gana are in Dawakin Kudu Local Government Area of Kano State.

Some Twitter users were straightforward.

Some remarked how impoverished Northern Nigeria is.

Others looked at the brighter side.

Ranters weren’t missing out.

Meanwhile, Mr Presdent was dragged into this.

The Amebos came around too.

A pinch of savage summarised it all.


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