Girls, traits of a non-husband material you should look out for

It has become a daunting task to find a husband in 21st century, we can’t deny that. Once you start receiving applications for marriage, every man want to shoot their shot. What makes it more difficult is when you see those qualities (tall, handsome,God-fearing, caring, etc) in all the men that come your way.

If you find yourself in this junction, don’t worry. We dey your side. These are the traits you find in men who are non-husband materials.

1.He doesn’t know when to give you your space

Husband kiss girl man not wanting

2. He has their eyes on you, always.

peacock eyeing look

3. Conversations are always boring, you wonder if they were born that way.

Confused woman thinking lost

4. There is money, but he has a long story to tell when you ask for some.

Confused puzzled hate

5. He is not so good in “The other room”.

worried thinking lady wine party

6. There is always something he is not telling you.

Secrete lies hiding excuse




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