How Nigerian are you? – Most relatable replies

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how nigerina are you

How Nigerian are you? Do you know you can be born of a Nigerian and not Nigerian enough?

Yes, there are certain characteristics that qualify a Nigerian to actually be Nigerian and if you don’t have them, you don’t rep the country. How much of those attributes you possess depends on how long you’ve lived within Nigeria. Nigerians living outside Nigeria don’t really have enough of Nigeria in them, except for those who have lived long enough in Nigeria before moving abroad.

Typical Nigerians take to social media to relate to those attributes that make a Nigerian a Nigerian. Bucke up, its a long ride of humor.

How Nigerian are you

LOL. Not all Nigerians take that home.

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A typical Nigerian does this calculation.

They always end with that line.

And it is usually sold at the pharmacy.

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You can never be too careful.

The dread is real.

Which Nigerian doesn’t keep broom behind doors?

Every Nigerian does this.

Nigerian have sarcasm born innately.

Fear of the unknown explained.

Past administrations are always better than the present.

Sister, we understand you.


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