Johnny Drille – If you’re broke, your relationship might end in tears

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Johnny Drille
Johnny Drille

Johnny Drille shares tips on what it takes to have a lovely relationship. The 29 years old single musician advises that being in a relationship demands a truckload of commitment. He gave other requirements that are needed to enjoy any relationship which includes being financially, mentally, or socially stable.

Loving someone is choosing them every day – Simi

Johnny Drille
Johnny Drille

Johnny Drille writes on Twitter and I quote.

Relationships are some real hard work and a truck load of commitment.

If you know you’re not emotionally, financially, spiritually, mentally, physically and every other ‘lly’ ready, don’t jump in cos everyone else is in one, it might end in tears for you✌🏾

Johnny Drille is one of the best musicians in Nigeria. He revealed that he had wanted to become an actor so he can kiss a girl on set. You shouldn’t judge him. Yes, he is single however, we believe he is probably in a relationship or searching. His latest single “something better“, which he released in March 2020 gave us a hint of the kind of guy he is. Johnny Drille is introverted, and introverts find it a bit difficult when it comes to finding love. But once the find their heart rob, it’s forever.


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