Loving someone is choosing them everyday – Simi

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Simi, a female Nigerian musician shares a piece of advice on how to love someone and stay with the person forever. Simi, who is married to Adekunle Gold, a Nigerian musician, said loving someone means choosing them every day. During the COVID-19 pandemic when some marriages are tearing apart due to the lack of commitment to the marriage, the afro-beat artist advises that couples or lovers should tolerate each other’s flaws even when it’s not easy.

Simi – (Instagram – @symplysimi)

Simi writes on twitter and we quote.

One more thing – remember that loving someone is choosing them every day. It won’t always be easy, cos people are flawed – you and them. So when you find someone that is worth it (don’t lie to yourself) – You keep choosing them. That conscious act is the beauty of commitment.

And when you choose someone, they don’t have to wonder if you’re worth loving. Cos loving someone is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, it puts you at the mercy of another person’s whims. So be somebody worth loving – or leave people alone.

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Simi Duduke Pregnancy Baby Bump
Simi in Duduke music video showing her baby bump

Simi is expecting a child a year after she got married to Adekunle Gold. Fans noticed the baby bump in pictures that Simi posted on social to tip fans. However, Simi’s pregnancy was confirmed in “Duduke’s” music video that she recently released. Simi wedded Adekunle Gold on 9th January 2019. The couple is happily married, and they have been showing signs of a lovely sweet couple since their marriage. A single mum, Mrs. Jedidiah Ogunleye, raised Simi after her father, Charles Oladele Ogunleye, who died on died in 2014 separated from the family when Simi was 9. We wish the couple safe delivery.


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