None like you – Rockpeters and Samuel Jookanz ft Star Voices

None like you

Rockpeters, a gospel artist releases his first gospel track titled “None like you”, where he featured sensational music group – Star Voices and Samuel Jookanz.

None like you by Rockpeters creates an atmosphere of adoration and intense worship to God. The symphonic music style immediately sets your heart to dimensions of deep connection to Ēl Elyōn – The God most high.

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Download None like you mp3. >>> None like you Mp3

None Like You Lyrics.

Verse 1.

You are my hope.
My joy and peace.
You knew my name,
Before I came.
Oh Jesus, you I love.
I’ll praise your name forever more.

You were my friend,
When all was gone.
You stood by me,
When all was lost.
Oh Jesus you I love,
I’ll praise your name,
Forever more.


You are the Lord that is your name.
You are so kind I bless your name.
You reign on high, none like you.
Almighty God take your praise.

Take your praise, oh lord.
Almighty God take your praise.

You are Jesus Elyon is your name.

You reign on high none like you, almighty God.
Take your praise.

Download None like you mp3. >>> None like you Mp3

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  1. this is a great song indeed.
    None like you.
    this is just the beginning sir,the lord is about releasing the power of praise and worship through you and this sensational group singers(star voices) which will spread in a sporadic way nations awaits your manifestation.
    God bless you Rock Peters.
    God bless you Samuel jokaanz
    God bless you Starvoices.

  2. This a rise of awesomeness in love and praise for Jehovah… I blast out in the spirit whenever I listen to this song.

    On steady repeat

  3. This song completely describes God’s beauty. From the onset, It’s been constantly ministering to my soul nd spirit. God bless star voices, Rock Peters and Samuel Jookanz. May God continually uplift u all!

  4. I love the song.
    More grace RockPeters
    More grace Samuel Jookanz
    More grace Star Voices
    God bless you all for this