I’m a winner – Sakordie ft Chidinma, another junk music or hit ?

Ghanaian rap giant Sarkodie drops another music single “I’m a winner” featuring Nigerian music queen – Chidinma (Kedike singer). The new single produced by Kemenya is coming after Sarkodie bagged winner of the Best International Flow category at the just concluded BET Awards.

We dropped the review and ratings after the lyrics.

I’m a Winner lyrics – Sarkodie ft Chidinma (Sarkodie’s rap).

I’m a winner straight up that’s wats up. alright
Ok obi turn m3 microphone off cos m3 p3 s3 mey3 acapella cos me I go fit cough (uhuh)
Still ah me nim s3 nkrofo) pii b3 t)
Cos obidi am a winner woni choice wo b3 b)
Obi ma m3 ten bars p3
Obidi m3 p3 40 yards cos lyrically ma bin m3 ho dada
Enti wo p3 ah hy3
Kemenya be dropi beats ama ma rappi Na m3 wia m3 tu mi ragga
Na m3 hia ne lucosade, ecstasy pill
We go fit collaborate to see who is real
Me nim se wo b3 b) shake
I no how u feel
Cos me obidi I dey till till till
S3 Na beats no 3b) Na mo firi se me rappi one way (Na lie)
Styles no d)) s) wo p3 no dodo) 3tu ah k) hu kemenya wo sofo line. (what else)
Increase m3 volume Na m3 nt3 base line cos Mic no ano edin
B) me scefiny kakra Na movie kick one bit
M3 p3 s3 wo b3 tina abontin
Twa me water kakra Na m3 sipi cos am thirsty
Cos m3 obidi m3 rappi fiti titi from 80’s
First Na rap k)m di m3
Cos I was crazy

Track name: I’m a winner

Track Duration: 3:57

Album name: Not assigned

Genre: Rap

I'm a Winner - Review

Permit me to shake this table. I’m a winner by Sarkodie is way below expectations. Sarkodie and Chidinma sounded like upcoming musicians in this new single. If not for the modern studio work by Kemenya, I’m a winner sounds like something recorded in the ’80s.

Sarkodie’s rap remains on point but we find it immiscible with the song. I listened to this music and tried to enjoy it but I couldn’t. I’m a winner’s message was meant to inspire and uplift, but boy after playing “I’m a winner” multiple times, I can’t feel less disappointed.

Let’s just say this music was made to show how Sarkodie can rap to a piece of boring music.

  • Popularity
  • Beat
  • Lyrics
  • Vocals


  • Nice rap lines.


  • Boring music.
  • Dull beats.
  • Wack lyrics.
  • I’m a winner – Sakordie ft Chidinma, another junk music or hit ?

    • Yes
    • No

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