How much of a wife material are you, take this test (Ladies only)

Where all those single ladies calming wife material, 100 yards, 50 yards, etc. Take this test now to know how much of a wife material are you.

Wife qualities which men are looking for in women are hard to find nowadays ever since the advent of slay queens and extreme feminism.

We now hear things like, “I can’t marry a man who cannot cook for himself“.

We just dey look you as you remain single forever.

It is 21st century and female should strive for independence and equality. But most ladies have it all wrong, bringing shame to the essence of feminism. Are you a wife material, let’s find out.

  • Question /

    How sweet is your food, say the truth

    • Very sweet
    • Not too sweet, but edible
    • I don’t know how to cook
  • Question /

    How long do you last in “za other room”

    • I don’t know yet,
    • As long as the guy last
    • 10 minutes plus
  • Question /

    Why would you slap a guy

    • I cannot
    • Only if necessary
    • If he irritates me
    • If he irritates me
  • Question /

    You want a man like you father ?

    • Yes
    • Someone better
    • Not really
    • Not really
  • Question /

    How would you react to him keeping late night ?

    • No reaction
    • Find out why and be okay
    • Find out why and express discomfort
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    Which arrangement is you ?

    • Work – Family – Self
    • Family – Self – Work
    • Self – Work – Family
    • Family – Work – Self
    • Work – Self – Family
    • Self – Work – Family
  • Question /

    When you keep late nights

    • Get home and sleep
    • Make sure everyone is okay
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    Who answers to who ?

    • I answer to him always
    • Depends on who is paying the bill
    • Depends on the situation at the moment
  • Question /

    When you see him with other women in a compromising way

    • Get him out to safety
    • Let him have his time
    • Chase other women away
  • Question /

    Would you share toothbrush with him ?

    Different types of people peculiar to the ATM queue in Nigeria
    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    When life get hard

    • Leave him for another
    • Stand strong with him
    • Push him to work harder
    • Reduce budget and expenses
    • Do anything to get money
    • Do anything to get money

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