Seven simple test for HOT TEMPER every Nigerian should take

We will take you through a short personality test that will reveal if you are hot tempered or the easy going person.

Hot tempered or short tempered people are described as people who are easily angered and don’t have control over their raging emotion. In Nigeria, it is believed that the average person is hot tempered. The reason for this belief is not far-fetched. Many Nigerians live with emotional traumas not attended to.

A good percentage of Nigerians develop hot temper as the grow in abusive home and harsh national conditions. Are you hot tempered ? Take the test.

Note: to get the best result, you have to be honest with the answers

  • Question /

    You prefer working alone to working as a team

    • Yes, it easier that way.
    • No, I like teams.
  • Question /

    Can you wait on a bank queue close to an hour ?

    Different types of people peculiar to the ATM queue in Nigeria
    • Yes, when its important
    • No, I can’t take it.
  • Question /

    The last mini-quarrel with someone close lasted for how long ?

    • 1 – 5mins
    • over 5mins
    • Can’t recall the last quarrel
  • Question /

    When someone challenges your belief, how would you react ?

    • Let it go
    • Get even with the person
    • Start an argument
  • Question /

    Do your sibling’s play piss you off ?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No, I join them to play
  • Question /

    You tend to hide your true emotions with anger ?

    • Yes, most times
    • No, I don’t. I come plain
    • No, I hide both totally
    • No, I hide both totally
  • Question /

    You’re in the public and you get a stain on your white cloth

    • Act like it never happened
    • I’ll feel uncomfortable till I change cloth
    • I’ll find a cover-up

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