These categories of people are the ones spoiling Nigeria

looking fiercely

Nigeria is full of nice people, but odd some persons belonging to these categories won’t let us enjoy our father’s land. I repeat, if you belong to any of these categories, please deport yourself from Nigeria.

The nepotistic ones.

thinking about life

These will never do a favor to anyone outside their ethnic group, even worse, their community. Everything surrounds ethnicity – if you’re not related and you happen to be seeking for a favor from a nepotistic person, forget it.

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The false news reporters.

depressed housemaid

These are bountiful in newspaper joint. They can tell you what will happen in the next Daily Sun publication.

The extreme cow owners.

squeez mouth

They make the news often and are popularly known as Fulani herdsmen by the average Nigerian. They have to leave Nigeria for us because we cannot leave it for them.

The secessionist.

GOT wicked smiling princess

I don’t know what they to gain when Nigeria finally divide. They recently beat up a Nigerian senator after setting him up with yam.

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The ones that will never use Nigerian-made.


They have self-esteem issues, they’ll never purchase anything made from Nigeria. One of them is always about, “common sense” but all of his children schooled or schooling outside Nigeria.

The ones that collect two plates at the burial.

listening woman

It is a sad occasion but they no send, they must fulfill their belle.

The promise and fail leaders.

tired of life totally

Nigerians are tired of these type of leaders since 1960. We don’t know what to do again, we’ve tried democracy.

The ones that judge by your language.

education in Nigeria

Ones they hear you speak your native language, they characterize you immediately.

The ones that damage public property.

cautioning advice

They don’t like good things. A month after street light is installed, they rip it apart, piece by piece.


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