Tolu ft Crystal Aikin & Keke Boyd – Need You (Lyrics and Rating)

Need you

Nigerian afro-inspirational artist, Tolu, releases a new single titled Need You, featuring Season 1 winner of BET’s Sunday Best, Crystal Aikin, and Keke Boyd of One Community Church in Dallas, TX.

“Need You” was Produced by LoudCryBeats, the diverse melodies record is based on turning to God for guidance in times of desperation.


Maybe I’m not good enough, Yes you are
No, no maybe I’m not, Yes you are

maybe I’m not – You are
maybe I’m not – You are

Maybe I’m one of those people that
that always wanna do it
But it’s like a pipe-dream

Verse 1 – Tolu

I’ve been working all day
These bills is becoming too much to pay
And everyday I pray,
some kind of miracle’ll come my way

No one said it would be easy
Everything gotten me dizzy
the way things are going
Lord I don’t know

But you know I believe you
Give me a testimony, today
Cause I know,
you are capable


I just need you right now
I just need you right now

Verse 2 – Crystal Aikin

Lord I need you right now
I don’t know what to do right now

It’s so hard to trust you right now
I need you to come through right now

See I have been hurt so many times before
Trying to be genuine to this ingenious people
And it backfired on me

But if you were to come for me
who can be against me
renew my mind
restore my soul
Lord I give you all control

No one said it will be easy
You said that you never leave me
At times, I just don’t know
But I know I…


I just need you right now
I just need you right now

Verse 3 – Keke Boyd

Oh Lord, I have been calling on you for a minute
It’s so hard to see clearly when I’m in it
This situation is over my head
I need to hear a voice

Tell me who do I run to when I get weak
Who do I turn to when I can’t speak

I just need you to come see about me,
see about little old me
Cause Lord, I have been waiting patiently
And I have been praying unwavering

Knowing trouble don’t last always
Joy is coming in the morning time

So since I am your child and you love
I will trust you completely, completely
and with nothing else


I just need you right now
I just need you right now


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