(Video) Moment a Nigerian prevented the Illegal arrest of young Nigerians by SARS operatives


A video currently going viral on social media shows the moment a Nigerian prevent the illegal arrest of young Nigerians by SARS operatives from Ogudu Police Station, in Lagos.

The video started with some unidentified SARS operatives harassing young Nigerians and wanting to search them. The SARS operatives without any search warrant intended to search the young Nigerians. According to online sources, the video was recorded at 7up, in Lagos.


The SARS operatives were at the verge of arresting the innocent Nigerians until a messiah came. It was a pricked Nigerian, who has had enough and tired of all the menace constituted by SARS operatives under the law came to the defense of the young boys, asking the SARS operatives “what did they do”?

Apparently the young boys did nothing but were stopped and harassed by SARS operatives because they were in a car. After a mild rumble between the messianic Nigerian and SARS operatives, the young Nigerians were asked to go as the SARS operatives drove off in a rickety POLICE crested van.

Update: A Nigerian on twitter gives details of the story and it reads in full.

“Check the time stamp on the video above and you’ll see that this happened yesterday and it was all caught on @GbemiFizzy’s dashcam.

Thank God for him. He used his influence to save some young boys from the snare of Ogudu police officers. #EndSARS. This happened around toll-gate (7up area) in Lagos.

The young men were heading to Lekki, when the blue Police bus started driving erratically, overtook the Camry and stopped abruptly to corner the car from moving further. While the police officers were trying to effect the ILLEGAL arrest of the occupants of the Camry, they almost hit
@GbemiFizzy’s car and that was what caught his attention.

So, he decided to wade into the matter and make an inquest into the attempted arrest.
The @PoliceNG officers immediately alighted from their bus and started barking at the occupants of the vehicle to alight from their car.

The young men were already terrified and obviously targeted. They had been trailing them for a while. Within a minute they had started harassing the young men before
@GbemiFizzy stepped in.

When he requested to know what the boys had done wrong, they started asking him to park well, which he refused to, thereby creating traffic on the express. So, Mr
@GbemiFizzy parked right there in the middle of the road and alighted from his vehicle.

Of course, trust Nigerian police officers when they see someone confidently challenging them when they’re on illegal duty. They wanted him to leave.
As you can hear from the audio in the video, the police officers could not say exactly what the young men in the Camry did wrong.

They could not answer a simple question; “What did they do?”

They had no business doing what they’re doing and they knew it. After some seconds, one of them started requesting that
@GbemiFizzy identifies himself. He replied the officer point blank & confidently; “What has my identity got to do with this?”

Still no response. They knew they had bitten more they could actually chew. Bastards!

#EndSARS Few more seconds into the confrontation, the officer that led the team, now said; “We just want to search them.”

@Gbemifizzy then insisted on seeing a search warrant. They didn’t know who they’re dealing with.

Oko mi leeeeeeee, epon mi wuuuuuu!!!
They further tried to convince
@GbemiFizzy that they’re doing their jobs but he insisted they’re not.

So, they said they’re taking the boys to their station and
@GbemiFizzy  offered to follow them. “If you must arrest them, you must arrest me as well.”

When they figured that  @GbemiFizzy
was not going to backdown, they started appealing.

You can hear them saying; “Oga sorry.” “Well done Sir.”

Oh my God! I will give anything to be at that scene. Only problem be say I go scatter everything!

Uncle  @GbemiFizzy was ready to take this to any extent and that was why he stood firm even in the face of guns and irresponsible police officers.

When the Police officers saw that they could not make him break, they had no choice but to let the boys go.
They agreed to let the boys go but what they didn’t know is that  @GbemiFizzy was aware of their plot. The plan was to let the boys go and then they track them when he’s left, to continue the harassment.

Haha! Guyman wan guy guyman. Awon Olofo!

So,  @GbemiFizzy asked the boys were they’re heading to and they said Lekki. So, he asked them to enter their car, drive in front of him and he followed them all the way to Iyana Oworo to ensure that those officers were not following the them.

Oh, my day is made!!!

You don’t want to imagine what could have happened to those boys if not for  @GbemiFizzy.

You don’t even want to imagine the stories people have about that Devilish Police Station in Ogudu.

They had once arrested my brother for nothing!

This man  @GbemiFizzy is the definition of a true hero. I saw his video on IG. So I sent him a WhatsApp message to inform him that I MUST put this story out there. He sent me the full video and also called to give me the full story.

Thank you egbon, God bless you!

He told me after he posted the video, someone saw it on his IG and called him immediately. The person is a friend of his and she confirmed to him that one of the boys in the video, is her own younger brother.

Can you just imagine that? Do you see that plot twist???”

read more of the tweet.

Watch the video below:


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