About Thrill NG

Thrill NG

Thrill NG, is a website/blog focused on providing quality entertaining and informative content on celebrities.

Thrill NG is initiated to deliver the best of the users interactivity and readership. Our writers are well-grounded and informed about each topic we put up on our website. In supplement to their experience in the entertainment industry, they spend time researching each topic to provide quality and correct content.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. To be the number one and one-stop digital source of quality and accurate information and reports on celebrities and public figures.

Our Mission

With years of experience in the entertainment space coupled with consistent in-depth research, we deliver the best and well written article on celebrities and public figures. We look forward to expanding our reach to provide more entertaining content to our readers.

We put in much effort to make sure your visit to Thrill NG counts in every way.