All of Suge Knight’s Children and How He Had Them

Suge Knight is an American music executive and the former CEO and co-founder of Death Row Records, well-known for promoting gangster rap in the 1990s.

Also known for his wealth and influence, the 58-year-old is said to have been romantically linked to 5 women. His romantic ties with this woman resulted in each at least giving birth to a child.

As of the current information available online, Suge has a total of eight known children, and the names of his children are Taj Knight, Arion Knight, Suge Jacob Knight, Posh Knight, Sosa Esai Knight, Andrew Knight ( also called Andrew Payan), Bailei Knight and Legend Knight.

In this post, we will look at Suge Knight’s children and how he had them. Here’s an information table summarizing Suge Knight’s children:

#NameMotherBirth YearOccupation/Notable InformationRelationship/Personal Information
1Taj KnightDavina Barnes1991Healthcare Analytics Consultant and Lead Associate at Willis Towers Watson in Atlanta, Georgia.Married to Christina Knight; Three children – Rylan Knight (born Nov 13, 2013), and two other children.
2Arion KnightSharitha Lee Golden1993Model and TV Reality Star; participated in the 2019 reality TV show “Gangster Love.”Parents divorced in the 1990s due to Suge Knight’s infidelities.
3Suge Jacob KnightStormey Ramdhan1995Real estate agent and reality star; appeared in “VH1’s ‘Love & Listings” and other shows.Has a girlfriend named Angie; Father of Sunset Alina Knight (born Nov 6, 2019). Controversially claimed Tupac Shakur was alive in Malaysia in 2019.
4Sosa Esai KnightStormey Ramdhan2002Director and owner of film production company “Immortal Tree Studios”; Rumored owner of “Sosa Knight Productions” music label.Practices Islam.
5Bailei KnightMichel’le Denise Toussant2002Limited information available.Daughter of R&B singer Michel’le; kept away from the public eye.
6Andrew Knight (Payan)Tia RoweNot specifiedKnown as Andrew Payan; raised by stepfather Ed Payan.Accused of theft by Lindsay Lohan; He is gay.
7Posh KnightUnknownNot specifiedLimited information available.Mother’s identity undisclosed.
8Legend KnightToi-Lin Kelly2013Youngest child; born to Toi-Lin Kelly, who served a jail term for aiding Suge Knight.Involved in a court incident at a young age; Currently visible on his mother’s Instagram page (@toilinkelly).

1. Taj Knight

Taj Knight is Suge Knight’s first son and first child born to him by Davina Barnes in 1991. Taj, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) graduate in Business Economics, currently works as a healthcare analytics consultant and a lead associate at Willis Towers Watson in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also, Taj is a father and a husband. He married his wife, Christina Knight, on June 25, 2017. The couple have three children (two boys and a girl). Taj’s first child, Rylan Knight, was born on November 13, 2013.

2. Arion Knight

Arion Knight is Suge Knight’s first daughter and the second child born to him by the only woman he legally married, Sharitha Lee Golden (formerly known as Sharitha Knight).

Arion was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 20, 1993. The daughter of Suge Knight is a model and TV reality star known for uploading fashion photos of herself in different apparel and her participation in the 2019 reality TV show Gangster Love.

However, her parents are no longer together as Arion’s mom filed for divorce in the 1990s due to Suge Knight’s infidelities.

3. Suge Jacob Knight

Suge Jacob Knight is the third child and second son of Suge Knight. He was born in Los Angeles, California in 1995. His mother is TV reality star and author Stormey Ramdhan. Jacob also has a younger sibling named Sosa Esai Knight.

Suge is a real estate agent and reality star who attended Crenshaw High School and Fisk University in Tennessee. However, the 28-year-old, who was really good at playing football, could not finish because of his father’s personal and legal troubles.

Nevertheless, Jacob is still doing well for himself; as a reality star, he appeared in “VH1’s ‘Love & Listings,” “Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee Uncensored,” and “Deathrow Chronicles.” Jacob got his real estate license in 2019 and has worked for companies such as Coldwell Banker Residential and many others.

Jacob is not yet married, but he has a girlfriend named Angie, who gave birth to his baby girl, Sunset Alina Knight, on November 6, 2019.

Also, it might interest you to know that Jacob made a controversial statement back in 2019 about Tupac Shakur saying he was well and alive living in Malaysia. But later he came out and apologized.

4. Sosa Esai Knight

Sosa Esai Knight is the younger brother of Jacob and the fourth child of Suge Knight. His mother is Stormey Ramdhan, and he practices Islam as his religion. Sosa was born in 2002, and he attended Sierra Vista High School in 2020 and The Los Angeles Film School in 2023.

Just like his father, Sosa also has a thing for entertainment. He is a director and owner of a film production company called “Immortal Tree Studios.” Rumors also have it that he owns the music label “Sosa Knight Productions.”

5. Bailei Knight

Bailei Knight is the second daughter of Suge Knight. She shares the same birth year with Sosa Knight. However, her mother is American R&B singer and songwriter Michel’le Denise Toussant.

Bailei was born on November 28, 2002, and not much is known about her. Her parents especially her mom, have been successful in hiding her away from the public.

6. Andrew Knight, also known as (Andrew Payan)

Andrew Knight is one of Suge Knight’s children, also known as Andrew Payan. He uses the last name Payan because he was raised by his stepfather, Ed Payan, who went to prison for armed robbery.

However, some say he is not the son of Suge Knight, but his mother, Tia Rowe, has made it clear that Andrew is and is very much free to use the last name Knight whenever he pleases.

Andrew, who is gay, was once accused of theft when American actress, singer, and songwriter “Lindsay Lohan” said he was the one who stole watches and sunglasses valued at $100k from their friend Sam Magid. Luckily for Andrew, he wasn’t seen as the culprit but rather Lindsay Lohan.

7. Posh Knight

Posh Knight is the third daughter of Suge Knight. Her mother, however, is unknown, and not much information is available on Posh Knight.

8. Legend Knight

Legend Knight is the last known child born to Suge Knight. Legend’s mother is American producer Toi-Lin Kelly, who served a 3-year jail term when she aided Suge Knight, who was in prison when she was strictly advised by the presiding judge on Suge’s case not to.

Legend was born in 2013, and he is 14 years old. The last known son of Suge was trending sometime back in 2016 because of an incident that happened in court. Legend, at the time, was much younger six years old) and had not set eyes on his mother for a long time.

So, during a court hearing, Legend got to his father again but wasn’t aware of his dad’s current situation, and full of joy, he ran to meet his father, who was sitting behind the well of the court. However, the judge was not pleased and asked that he be sent out of the court after he requested his age from his mother Toi-Lin Kelly, who was also present at the hearing.

Legend is a big boy now and can be seen on his mother’s Instagram page at @toilinkelly.

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