Ben Milliken Fishing Net Worth & Career

Ben Milliken is a famous American YouTuber and angler passionate about bass fishing. He has a YouTube channel called Milliken Fishing, where he uploads videos of his fishing adventures with his wife and friends.

This article will explore his net worth and how he earned it.

Profile Summary

NameBen Milliken
Age34 years old
Date of birthJune 28, 1989
Place of Birth Nebraska, United States
Ethnicity Caucasian
Residence Nebraska
Marital StatusMarried
WifeRebecca Christine Milliken
OccupationYouTube Star, Bassmaster Elite
Net worth$1.5million
YouTube Channel Milliken Fishing

Net Worth

According to various sources, Ben’s net worth is around $1.5 million. He makes most of his money from his YouTube channel and online store, selling sunglasses and other fishing gear.

This is a rough estimate of his earnings over the past four years based on available data:



Ben Milliken started his career as a bass fisherman in Nebraska, where he grew up. He joined the bass fishing team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and competed in collegiate tournaments.

He also fished in local and national events with his father. He moved to Texas in 2016 and started his YouTube channel, Milliken Fishing, where he showcases his fishing skills and techniques.

Ben has over 540,000 subscribers and over 139 million views on his channel. He also qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2023 by finishing ninth in the Bassmaster Opens EQ rankings.

He won the first EQ event on Lake Amistad and had two other top-five finishes in the season. Ben is also known for his expertise in forward-facing sonar and offshore fishing. He is one of the rising stars in the bass fishing world.

Ben Milliken’s Tournament Results

Here is a list of some of Ben Milliken’s tournament results in the past few years:

2023 Bassmaster Opens EQ

He finished ninth in the overall standings with 1,011 points. He won the first event on Lake Amistad with a total weight of 59–12. He also placed fourth on Lake Lewisville with 38-10 and fifth on Lake Norman with 29-13.

2022 Bassmaster Opens Central

He finished 17th in the overall standings with 1,007 points. He had two top-ten finishes: sixth on Sam Rayburn Reservoir with 47-15 and seventh on Neely Henry Lake with 32-13.

2021 Bassmaster Opens Central

He finished 22nd in the overall standings with 1,001 points. He had one top-ten finish: eighth on Lake of the Ozarks with 36–14.

2020 Bassmaster Opens Central

He finished 28th in the overall standings with 1,000 points. He had one top-ten finish: ninth on Arkansas River with 29-11.

YouTube Channel

Ben Milliken has a YouTube channel called “Milliken Fishing,” where he shares videos of fishing adventures with his wife and friends.

He has amassed a large following with over 549,000 subscribers and over 136 million views on his channel. He covers topics such as participating in bass fishing tournaments, creating his tackle, exploring new places, enjoying a cold beer, and spending quality time on the water with his favorite people.

He also provides valuable tips and tricks on various fishing techniques, such as using forward-facing sonar, offshore fishing, and swimbait fishing.

He also has a members-only section where he shares exclusive videos on how to make the best bait keeper, modify hard baits, add eyes to soft baits, and more.

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