Bethany Joy Lenz and Paul Johansson Are Not Married – Here is Why You Thought They Were

Netizens thought Bethany and Paul Johansson were dating and married because of how compatible the actors were in One Tree Hill. In the 9-season series, they did not play any romance together, but as you know, such beautiful and compatible stars working together to produce a good movie for the rest of us can give fans subtle hints.

Her character, Haley Scott, one of the main cast members, was the daughter-in-law of Dan Scott, Paul Johansson’s character.

Bethany and Paul Johansson said they were just friends, in and outside the film. Daniel is still friends and in contact with many of the ladies from One Tree Hill.

What was it about Bethany and Paul that we thought they were together? Let’s find out.

About Paul Johansson and Bethany Joy Lenz’s Relationship

Bethany Joy Lenz has played different roles in films before, but her role in the series One Tree Hil shot her to fame. In the film, she is Nathan Scott’s love interest and wife. Nathan liked her because she was kind and would do anything for her friends, including looking out for them. She had such a big heart.

On the other hand, Paul Johansson’s character was Dan Scott, a father to Lucas and Nathan, who is mean and so cold emotionally that he doesn’t seem to care about anyone, including his two sons.

Now, these two characters (Daniel and Haley) are so different from each other but look so drawn to each other that it is understandable why fans may think something was happening between them.

As many photos emerged online about them, it still stands to say that Paul and Bethany are just friends. As much as fans would love to see them together and start a little shipping hashtag on social media, they are just friends, and we (fans) have come to accept these terms.

Is Bethany Lenz Married Now?

Well, for the moment, Bethany isn’t married. Initially, she married Michael Galeotti from 2005 to 2012, when they divorced due to some very sensitive matters. While married to Michael, she gave birth to her daughter, Maria Rose, in 2011.

In 2012, she released a statement where she said that she and Michael were getting a divorce, and she didn’t want her fans to be worried when they heard she had changed her name. She also said that she and Michael would stay friends and that together, they would raise their daughter.

According to Us Weekly, there was also a time when Bethany was in a relationship with comedian Josh Kelly. The duo was spotted holding hands and walking side by side at a farmers’ market, stating that they were so drunk in love with each other.

But just like some relationships, they later split up. So sorry, guys. Bethany is not married, nor is she dating anyone that we know of.

What of Paul Johansson? Is He Married?

Paul is not married, either. His wife of five years, Gabriela Oltean, divorced in 2005, and it was such a huge media affair as the story was everywhere. Gabriela was also an actress, and they had just one child, Quinn.

In 2019, he was in a serious relationship with a woman named Stephanie Ann, with whom he’d been very passionate about, and a lot of people thought that would be it for Paul, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Paul’s ex, Gabriela, is married to long-time boyfriend Alex Rotaru, whom she married just a year after her divorce from Paul. As there isn’t detail about what led to their divorce, the two stay as far away from each other as possible.

This is Why You Think They Were Married

As I said before, Lenz and Johansson aren’t married – but this is why you’d thought so.

They are close friends in the real world. Since they have been actors in a film that lasted for nine years, the two are pretty much best friends and seem to know a lot about each other and care about each other like family.

Bethany and her daughter, Maria, often visit Paul, and Paul sometimes reciprocates the same. She also shares posts and pictures on their social media account when they go on such visits.

At some points, Bethany and Paul were neighbors, and she said in an interview that Paul is a loyal and good friend and a very strange and iconic person.

In an Instagram post, Bethany recounted how she was at Paul’s home with Maria, and Maria fell asleep on Paul’s bed, who then had to carry Maria across the street home.

Her caption reads in part below;

It’s been nearly 20 years since we met, and all this time later we’ve stuck it out through thick and thin. Paul and I were even neighbors for a couple years. This photo is him carrying my daughter across the street to bed after we’d stayed up late (again) drinking wine and talking and the kids just crashed on his bed. I can’t count the days we’ve spent spitballing ideas, swapping stories, learning about life from each other. This is the kind of friendship everyone needs in their life and we are so so lucky to have him in our family.”

Below are pictures of Bethany and Paul spending quality time together – as shared by Bethany on her Instagram.

Even though Paul is older than her with an 18-year gap. she says Paul is the kind of friend everybody needs in their life, that he is kind, big-hearted, loyal, hospitable, wise, and just like a family member to her and her daughter.

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