Breakdown of Lory Del Santo Relationship Timeline

Let’s look at Lory Del Santo’s relationship timeline, all the men she has dated, what happened afterward, and who she is currently dating.

Lory Del Santo is an Italian actress, model, writer, and director well-known for her appearances in various TV productions such as “Dear Father,” “Gardenia,” “Sunday Lovers” and many more back in the 1970s and 80s.

She was born on September 28, 1958, in Povegliano Veronese, Italy. She is the daughter of Antonio Del Santo, who is said to have died in a car accident in 1961 when Lory was three years old.

Also, Lory is known for walking the runway when she represented Italy at the 29th Miss Universe pageant held in South Korea in 1980.

Lory Del Santo has been romantically linked with a few men in the past, and at the time of writing, the count is eight.

Here’s an information table summarizing Lory Del Santo’s relationship timeline:

#NameOccupationRelationship PeriodChildrenNotable Events/Comments
1Adnan KhashoggiSaudi Businessman, Arms DealerSix monthsNoneFirst love; short-lived relationship.
2Eric ClaptonRock and Blues Guitarist, Singer, SongwriterDuring 1985 – 1991Conor Clapton (born 1986, died 1991)Lory became pregnant; Conor’s birth; Eric’s divorce; Conor’s tragic death; Lory and Eric part ways.
3George HarrisonMusician, Singer, Songwriter (The Beatles)About a yearNoneRelationship as a response to Eric Clapton; no children; short-lived.
4Silvio SardiProducer, Writer1991 – 1993Devin Sardi (born 1992)Lory’s child Devin born in 1992; relationship lasted two years.
5Richard KrajicekFormer Dutch Professional Tennis Player1992Premature son (died after two weeks)Relationship resulted in a premature child who died shortly after birth.
6Giuseppe MacriNot specified2007 – 2008Not specifiedLimited information about their relationship; lasted one year.
7Rocco PietrantonioItalian Actor2009 – 2011Not specifiedPoorly documented; relationship lasted two years.
8Marco CucoloNot specifiedCurrently dating (as of writing)NoneCurrently dating; age difference caused a stir online; briefly announced a breakup on live TV in 2022 but back together now.

1. Adnan Khashoggi

Lory’s first love was Adnan Khashoggi. He was a Saudi businessman and arms dealer known for his lavish business deals and lifestyle. Their relationship only lasted for six months.

2. Eric Clapton

The second man on this list is Eric Clapton. Eric was born on March 30, 1945, in Ripley, Surrey, England. He is a rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter regarded as one of the most influential guitarists in rock music.

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Lory started dating Eric when she met him at an organized dinner party for friends. Initially, she was hesitant and did not want to date anybody interested in a one-night stand. However, Eric was persistent and kept calling her until, eventually, she gave in.

During their relationship, Eric was already married to his wife, Pattie Boyd. After a while, Lory was pregnant with Eric’s child and gave birth to him on August 21, 1986. The name of her child was Conor Clapton.

Three years (1989) after the birth of Conor, Eric and his wife Pattie Boyd, who had learned of Eric’s infidelity, filed for divorce. However, during Lory’s pregnancy and after birth, she seemed to be having a rough time with Eric, who was still grappling with the fact that he had become a father.

At last, Eric finally came to terms with the fact that he had a son named Conor, but it was too late. The day before the death of Lory’s son, Eric had come by and taken Conor to a circus at Long Island, where the two had fun. With so much joy, Conor was just happy and playful and kept recounting to his mother the fun he and his father had at the park.

Conor died at the age of four and a half when he fell from an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan building on March 20, 1991. The window is said to have been opened by the janitor who had come to clean the room.

After the death of their child, the two parted ways. Conor’s funeral was held at St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Clapton’s home village in Ripley, Surrey, England.

3. George Harrison

The Italian model and actress had her third relationship with English musician, singer, and songwriter “George Harrison.” George also served as the lead guitarist for the English rock band The Beatles.

According to DailyMail, Lory’s relationship with George was to get back at Eric Clapton, who had abandoned her after the death of their son. Their relationship lasted for just a year, and they had no child.

4. Silvio Sardi

Silvio Sardi is the fourth man on our list to have been romantically linked to Lory Del Santo. Silvio is a producer and writer known for his works “The Marsh (2006),” and “The World of Hope (2017).”

Lory started dating Silvio in 1991, and their relationship produced a child named “Devin Sardi” in 1992. However, Devin’s parents are no longer together, as their relationship lasted only two years (1991 -1993).

5. Richard Krajicek

Richard Krajicek is the fifth man to be romantically linked to Lory Del Santo. Richard is a former Dutch professional player and the son of Czech immigrants who was born on December 6, 1971.

Lory and Richard started dating each other in 1992. They had a premature son who died of an infection after two weeks of birth. There are no reports of each of them seeing each other after the death of their child.

6. Giuseppe Macri

The sixth man on our list is Giuseppe Macri. However, information about their relationship is not well documented. Who’s Dated reports that their relationship lasted just a year (2007- 2008).

7. Rocco Pietrantonio

The seventh on our list is Italian actor Rocco Pietrantonio. Also, information about Lory’s relationship with Rocco Pietrantonio is poorly documented. However, their time together lasted two years (2009 – 2011).

8. Marco Cucolo

Last but not least is Marco Cucolo. As of the time of writing, Lory is currently dating Marco. He was born in 1992 in Naples, Italy. Lory’s relationship with Marco caused a stir online because of their age difference. Marco is said to be 33 years younger than Lory.

The couple once announced their break-up on live TV when they participated in the Island of the Famous in 2022. However, they are back together now.

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