Who is Kitchie and How Did She Die? – Life and Tragic Departure

The success of Floyd Mayweather’s boxing career was built on many factors behind the scenes, some of which contributed immensely, alongside his top-shelf training regimen, to his appalling 50-0 record.

But what only rivaled this immaculate feat in proportion was the sudden disappearance of his long-time personal assistant, Kitchie Laurico. Who is Kitchie, and how did she die?

It had left many with the same expression as typified with great shock. The death of Kitchie Laurico, Floyd Maywhether’s longstanding P.A., had come almost as sudden as his upshot to the peak of combat sport.

At the moment of her passing, Kitchie Laurico had reached the age of 47, and her partnership and companionship with Mayweather had flourished over two decades. Throughout her lifetime, Kitchie played an instrument of positive reinforcement, serving this crucial role zealously; she engineered his rise, dedicating herself as his devoted personal assistant and astute marketing manager.

Who Was Kitchie Laurico?

Marikit Kitchie Laurico was born in 1976. She moved from her birthplace, the Philippines, to the United States when she was 11 years old. Making her way through her academic journey with remarkable speed, Kitchie achieved an impressive level of education and earned a degree in marketing and public relations.

Kitchies throw back

It was upon this that she honed her interpersonal relationship. With the demanded skill to undertake the arduous management task, Kitchie’s first encounter with Floyd Mayweather allowed her to serve as his assistant and Join “The Money Team.” Fortune, they say, favored the bold this had held especially true in the times of Kitchie, her skill in the soul-wrenching world of personal management became a subject of public interest.

Her up-shot to fame stretched out for 25 years, a redefining moment in the life of Floyd Mayweather and the most crucial aspect of her life; during this period, she gathered a large fanbase of over 159,000 people. Her influence over the vast media space hadn’t gone unnoticed; her ability to motion the crowd, though unheard of, said a lot about her personality and current position as a Marketing Managing.

While she would flood her Instagram with pictures of her daring self, she maintained a fine line that didn’t let her allure oust the boxing champion from the spotlight; from her days as a PR and a model, the love life of Kitchie didn’t stand as a prominent feature.

Till her death, the identity of her spouse had remained an undisclosed topic. While she might have been a social butterfly able to entice the crowd at will, her private life had remained a closed subject, a mystery that remained locked outside the four walls of her career. She had devoted most of her endeavors to endearing herself to the public, traveling the world equally as much as she did with Floyd Mayweather.

Kitchie on a cruise ship in las vegas

How Kitchie Laurico Died

Her death had come rather too sudden, and at the same time, the reality of it is left to question. How it had occurred left many in awe, while viable sources had pointed out that the cause of Kitche’s demise was a ghastly car accident that happened while she was en route to the airport to pick up Floyd Mayweather.

Kitchie Kitch Posing at the airport

On March 28, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, she was on her course to the airport when her vehicle collided with a passenger shuttle. The result of this left her severely injured, while Andrei Sison, a close friend of Floyd Mayweather dead, and Josh Ford, a passenger, would also survive the accident phasing through life-threatening injuries.

Among the three that boarded the same Vehicle, Josh had been the only one to survive the accident, whereas Sison had died on the spot while Kitchie had later succumbed to her injuries.

Another record from the Sun had detailed the course of her death to be speculatively after a recent trip to Dubai where she fell sick. Other reports claim it was a heart attack.

Though the cause of her death hadn’t been fully established, its absence of evidence hadn’t underscored its reality.

Kitchie Laurico Tributes

Iyana Mayweather weighed in her emotions, paying tribute to her on Instagram; she said;
“This doesn’t feel real… my heart is so heavy. You were more than just my dad’s assistant you were family. You were the definition of someone with a good heart, you always lifted people up and made them feel good about themselves. There’s no one like you will truly be missed, love you forever.”

Floyd Mayweather instagram post on Kitchies death

Floyd Mayweather, in an Instagram post, while sharing the news of the sad departure, said:

Saturday, April 29th in Los Angeles We are celebrating the life of Marikit “Kitchie” Laurico. One of my closest friends, strongest soldiers and a beam of light who entered anyone she’s ever touched. If anyone would like to attend please contact KynergyTMT@gmail.Com. If you cannot make it you can share memories, pics, videos etc to the email. This day will be the collective energy that she always brought and a memorial that our queen deserves.

Floyd Mayweather

Aside from Mayweather, Floyd’s CEO Leonard Ellerbe paid his tribute with a tweet of two broken hearts. The death of Kitchie played a role in highlighting her influence on the entire biosphere of the entertainment industry. Jamie Foxx posted on Instagram celebrating the life of Kitchie Laurico; he said;

“I know they say the god doesn’t make mistakes, but come on man, not @ikitchie my heart is shattered. Just saw you two weeks ago. So many questions why… rest beautifully my blessed friend gone too soon gone for no reason.”

Kitchie’s presence unquestionably cast a vibrant light across the lives of numerous individuals. Her impact extended over a diverse spectrum, as evidenced by the breadth of her endeavors. While good things may not have lasted as long as many would presume, the memory of Kitchie went a long way for many who delighted in her presence.

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