MaryAnn Hannagan: What Happened to Frankie Valli’s Ex-wife?

MaryAnn Hannagan is a household name familiar to many people, especially those of us who are true fans of the Four Seasons. Maryann is best known for her relationship with Frankie Valli and her contributions to the banking industry.

Hannigan’s life has been filled with ups and downs, but she has always managed to keep moving forward. Read for more recent updates about her life.

Who is MaryAnn Hannigan?

MaryAnn Hannigan is the ex-wife of the famous musician Frankie Valli. She was born in the US and has spent most of her life in the country.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about her early life, education, or family background.

MaryAnn and Frankie met in 1970, married four years later, and have two children: Antonia (Daughter), Emilio Valli (Son), and Celia Valli (Daughter from Frankie’s first marriage). However, they had some marital issues and divorced in 1982.

After her divorce from Frankie, MaryAnn stayed away from the public, keeping much to herself. There is no information about her current whereabouts or what she has been up to since her divorce.

Despite their divorce, MaryAnn remains a crucial part of Frankie Valli’s life story. Her marriage to him was a significant event in his personal life, and their relationship has been a matter of interest among fans and musicians alike.

What is Her Relationship with Frankie Valli?

MaryAnn is best known for being Frankie Valli’s second wife. The pair met in 1970 when Maryann was just 20 years old and Frankie was 36. They married in 1974 and lasted for 12 years until they divorced in 1986.

Their marriage began on good footing. The couple were so much in love and were spotted at various events together. Frankie and MaryAnn attended the local premiere of “Grease” in New York City on June 13, 1978. Although they promised each other to stay till the end, things didn’t go as planned.

During their time together, MaryAnn and Valli had two children, and she also became a stepmother to Valli’s daughter, Celia, from his first marriage to Mary Mandel.

MaryAnn and Frankie have remained friends over the years despite their divorce. So much so that MaryAnn attended Frankie’s wedding to his fourth wife, Jackie Jacobs, in 2023.

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Their Divorce

MaryAnn and Frankie’s marriage ended in divorce in 1982 after 12 years of being together. The reasons for their divorce are not known publicly.

Frankie, on the other hand, married for the third time in 1984 to Randy Clohessy. The couple had three sons together before separating in 2004. Frankie finally married his fourth wife, Jackie Jacobs, in Las Vegas on June 26, 2023.

MaryAnn Hannigan’s Career and Achievements

Maryann has a long and successful career in the financial sector, spanned over two decades. She’s the Vice President of BSA and Fraud at HarborOne Credit Union in Brockton, Massachusetts, where she has been since 1995.

She is known for her expertise in operations, compliance, and risk management in the industry, and she has also been very helpful in developing and implementing policies and procedures that help regulate compliance and curb risks.

Her achievements include obtaining the ACAMS certification in May 2015, displaying her commitment and goals to help maintain a high standard of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist finances.

She also applied and passed the CUNA Management program from 2005 to 2008, which equipped her with the necessary skills to manage teams and drive business growth effectively.

In addition to her work at HarborOne Credit Union, MaryAnn has been involved in many community initiatives. She has served as a catechist and a volunteer at several local organizations. She has shown her passionate commitment to giving back to the community.

MaryAnn Hannagan’s Community Involvement

Maryann is an active member of her community and has participated in many local events and programs that aim to improve the lives of those living in her local area.

Maryann has shown her commitment to her community in one of several ways, and that is through her involvement with the COCC. This is where she had worked as the Vice President of BSA and Fraud.

During her time there, she participated in various spirit days, including #SportsDay and #MeanGirlsDay, in which she assisted in fostering a sense of community among her fellow employees.

Also, she has volunteered her time and resources to many other organizations in her community, to the likes of the local schools and charities, plus her participation in fundraising events for causes such as cancer research and animal welfare.

Maryann’s love and passion for her community extends beyond her local area. She has been involved in other organizations promoting social justice and equality, such as the NAACP and the ACLU.

Because of her involvement with these organizations, she has spoken out for the rights of marginalized groups and worked to create and build a more just society.

Maryann’s community involvement shows her commitment and passion for making a positive impact on the world around her. Whether through her work at the COCC, her volunteer efforts, or her advocacy for social justice, she has shown that she is and always will be a dedicated and compassionate member of her community.

Influence and Legacy

Outside of her work in the banking industry, MaryAnn has been a great source of inspiration to many people.

Her dedication and willingness to share her knowledge and experience have made her a role model and a mentor for many young professionals.

She has also been involved in mentoring young people and helping them to develop their skills and knowledge.

Her legacy in the banking industry is significant, too. Her work in fraud prevention has helped to protect the wealth and assets of many individuals and businesses. She has inspired many young people, both professionals and beginners, to pursue careers in the field of fraud prevention and banking.

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