Nicole Junkermann Biography, Age, Husband, Charity Foundation

Who is Nicole Jukermann?

Nicole Junkermann is an internationally recognized London-based entrepreneur and investor whose primary spectrum of work focuses on the crossover between the media and technology Precinct.

In this article, you would discover more about Nicole Junkermann biography, age, career, relationship, net worth, and other facts about her. First, let’s look at her profile summary.

Profile summary

NameNicole Junkermann
Age34 years
Date of birth27th, April 1980
Father Heinz Junkermann
MotherIngrid Junkermann
SiblingsSig Hansen, Norman Hansen
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandFerdinando Bracetti
ChildrenStephanie, Erik, and Logan
Net worth$2million
Nicole Junkermann profile summary

Nicole Junkermann Biography

41-year-old Nicole was Born in Dusseldorf on the 27th of April, 1980. to German businessman Heinz Junkermann and wife Ingrid Junkermann. Heinz’s life was later boycotted by unforeseen circumstances and he laid to rest at 83 in June 2011, learned. He was the sole proprietor of a private banking establishment which he piloted in Germany and western Europe. He, aside from doing that, also involved himself with commercial interests beyond Germany which amongst many was his role as a managing director for a real estate Company IFG Gesellschaft Immobilienvesit mbH.

Although German-born, Nicole’s place of residence has been marked down to western London, and just like her late father, she has treaded down a similar path and devoted her life to the sole administration of technological innovation and business investment.

Nicole Junkermann Career

Nicole is the co-founder of the online sports and gaming platform Winamax. In the intermediary part of 2002 she coalesced with Infront sports and media and became a primary shareholder upon serving like that, she as well, functioned as the vice-chairman overhauling the company’s sales to a private equity group, Bridge point.

Nicole Junkermann profile
Nicole Junkermann

In 2005 she patronized Shanghai Really sports, one out of many large sport retail companies in china.

By 2007, she had injected her private equity fund, united in sports, into society, it focused on media and sports investment in Asia and Europe, and in the aforementioned year, the fund raised 242.2 million euros. ThrillNG gathered that shortly after in 2012 Junkermann based the foundation for NJF Holdings, through its holding arm and Capital, the team superintended an investment portfolio with investments in Healthcare, fintech, and deep tech.

A few of NFJ’s seasonable investments included Songza, Dollar Shave Club, and RelateiQ, which were obtained by Google, Unilever, and Salesforce.

In the year 2017, on the 13th of June, she was pronounced the co-chair of Magnum Global Ventures, along with Thoms Dworzak. In July of the same year, Nicole Invested in the newly subservient Magnum Global Venture, to maintain the assets of Magnum Photos. She functioned in the department of health and care in the Healthtech advisory board, upon being assigned by Matt Hancock, MP in November 2018.

The board serves as a compass to the secretary of state and government on its mission to metamorph technology in the national health service.

Nicole Junkermann Husband, Family

Nicole Junkernman married Ferdinando Brachetti, first in line to a lavish Italian oil business dynasty, in the month of March 2017, their first daughter came in December 2017.

Her brother-in-law, Ugo Brachetti Peretti is the Italian oil executive and chairman of the API group.

Her mother-in-law, which she has made it a life ambition to support, is the national interpreter of the Italian Red Cross, and the only female in the whole of Italy to be barged to a general in the army. Elsa Brachetti, her sister-in-law, is a jewelry designer based in Italy, she is also known as a philanthropist who created a design piece for Tiffany & Co.

Nicole Junkermann Charity

Nicole has brewed a relationship with the Tate Americas Foundation, an independent charity organization that emboldens the function of the Tate Gallery in the United Kingdom, since 2005. A year before that she erected the entire JJ collection as an entity dedicated to supporting looming Latinos.

Nicole Junkermann Net worth

Nicole Junkermann’s net worth has not been estimated as of the moment of this post. However, she is known to count in billions of dollars. If conjectures are anything to go by, one can say Nicole Junkermann is worth between $500 million – $1 billion dollars.

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