Somah Haaland Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Relationship

Somah Haaland is the daughter of Deb Haaland, an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for New Mexico’s 1st congressional district since 2019 and the Senate-confirmed Secretary-Designate for the United States.

Soman Haaland is a poet, actress, stage manager, and outspoken queer-rights activist. In this post, I will be writing about Somah Haaland biography, age, net worth, career, mother, relationship, and other facts about her. First, let’s look at her profile.

NameSomah Haaland
Age29 years old
Date of Birth21 May 1994
MotherDeb Haaland
OccupationActivist, Poet, Actress
Net worthnot estimated

Somah Haaland Biography

Somah Haaland was born on 21 May 1994 in the United States of America, and she’s from Pueblo of Laguna. She is 29 years old, and she celebrates her birthday every 21st of May.

Somah is native American and a colossal supporter of the LGBTQ+ culture. She was born into the family of a single mom, Deb Haaland; her father’s name is not mentioned yet. Somah attended nine different elementary schools, she also attended Albuquerque High School and had her university education at the University of New Mexico, where she read Theatre art.

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Somah Haaland Age
Somah Haaland

Speaking of relationships, Somah Haaland was in a relationship with a lady named Kraafish. Although she is no longer together with Kraafish, Somah is still queer. She came out queer during her high school.

Somah Haaland Career

When Somah was 5, she took classes at the Santa Monica Playhouse and acted in short films at the American Film Institute. Somah Haaland worked as a product assistant on the Netflix show in New York, where she was basically charging walkie-talkies and taking inventory. She had been cast in a staged New York City reading of Arianna Afsar’s new musical Jeannette, but the show was postponed. She participated in Tricklock’s Reptilian Lounge late-night variety show in June 2020.

Also, since her acting career, she has been featured in three movies, including Feast, “Thank You, 5”, and The Last Full Measure. She also wrote a page in Teen Vogue titled “How Museums and Historical Spaces Disrespect Native American History.”

Somah Haaland is also a member of the Pueblo Action Alliance, an organization that promotes cultural sustainability by addressing environmental and social impacts in Indigenous Communities.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Somah contributed a great deal to the survival of many as she functioned in two major Non-profit organizations—Seeding Sovereignty and Pueblo Action Alliance —she was responsible for garnering palliative and resources and allocating them to those in dire need of it. Her glee for the prosperity of humanity at large impelled her to teach in an online camp for children.

Somah Haaland Net worth

Somah Haaland’s net worth has not been estimated as of the time of this post, however, she is living a comfortable life full of luxury and style. She prefers to live a humble life, and she doesn’t flash all her assets on social media.

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