Thomas Skinner Net Worth, Facts, Career, and Investments

Thomas Skinner’s net worth is relatively large, and the fans will miss a lot if it is not given consideration. The British entrepreneur and TV reality personality first rose to fame in the fifteenth edition of the hit British business reality TV show named The Apprentice.

This subsequently caused an increase in Thomas Skinner’s net worth. The UK edition was based on the American original, which became a household TV show for everyone after garnering positive ratings from the fans.

Thomas Skinner performed excellently in the reality TV show but was eliminated after the ninth task.

The contestant passed all the challenging stages, only to be the first contestant to get knocked out in the finals week of Celebrity MasterChef.

The entrepreneur had only positive comments after his elimination. He made a few new friends and learned to cook, which will now save him money.

Net Worth

Thomas Skinner’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. The businessman already has a lot of earnings and assets to his credit from his businesses and the profits from the TV shows he starred in.

He and Bosh Beds have also co-sponsored ‘The Romford Bull, Johnny Fisher. Skinner has narrated how he will prove to be an asset for him and Bosh Beds, as he has an excellent career ahead of him.

Thomas Skinner
Thomas Skinner

After facing Johnny Fisher in the ring, He playfully remarked how his rivals would need their mattresses. He’s also considered one of the wealthiest candidates on The Apprentice.

The fact that he became so successful even after not winning the show indicates that you don’t need to win to succeed at something.

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Thomas Skinner became recognized after appearing on “The Apprentice” Season 15 in 2019. Although he was fired in the ninth week, his appearance on the show helped catapult him into the public eye.

In addition to his entrepreneurial career, Thomas is trying his luck in the culinary world as a participant in Celebrity MasterChef 2020.

Thomas Skinner at the Celebrity Masterchef
Thomas Skinner at the Celebrity Masterchef

He is marketing his cooking skills on the popular series alongside other notable personalities. Lately, he granted an interview stating that he will likely venture into another business endeavor, though he didn’t specify the business’s niche.


Thomas Skinner’s impressive net worth stems from his numerous investments and businesses. He takes his business so seriously that one can hardly tell if he is taking a rest or not.

Thomas Skinner judiciously uses every opportunity to be at the top of his game, whether there’s economic inflation or not. The case of COVID-19 in 2020 is a case study because the business mogul acquired enormous wealth during the pandemic while some other businesspeople ran at a loss.

Thomas Skinner posting in the winter Credit Eddie Mitchell
Thomas Skinner posting in the winter (Credit: Eddie Mitchell).

Thomas Skinner owns The Fluffy Pillow Company, which solely deals in beds, pillows, mattresses, and duvets. The company believes in the production and retailing of quality pillows.

The company, an initiative of Skinner, was formed in the UK after a series of deliberate innovations and an exchange of ideas with notable industry sleep specialists.

Skinner has also been acting as the managing director of Bosh Beds Limited since January 2021.

Personal Life

Thomas Skinner is an introvert whose personal life is always the subject of public discourse. He never ran away from interviews or talk shows that dealt with his personal life and challenges.

This tendency to be too accessible is probably one of the reasons people love him so much and are always eager to meet him whenever he is in a public space.

Thomas Skinner and wife welcome their twin daughters
Thomas Skinner and wife welcome their twin daughters

Skinner has been quite general about his relationship with his girlfriend, Sinead Chambers. Skinner broke the news that he was having a baby with Chambers in April 2020.

He got engaged to Chambers in July 2020 and said how happy he was to have proposed to the mother of his child. Sinead gave birth to their son on November 5, 2020.

Skinner revealed how the whole delivery process was mentally harrowing for him because of the challenges faced by Sinead during labor.

His son was delivered two weeks late but recovered shortly after. He named his son Henry after his own grandfather.


In January 2022, Skinner exposed the famed reality TV show for their misbehavior during the auditions.

He claimed that contestants were made to line themselves in an ‘ugliest to prettiest’ form of a file during audition sessions.

Thomas Skinner stated how many people hoped to be a part of the hit reality TV show. He said that before one goes on a show, one must go through interview stages, where people from all over emerge.

You’re in the room and are told to line up from ugliest to prettiest. He also exposed a lot of irregularities during those rounds between the hopeful participants who fought over who was the most appealing.

Facts About Thomas Skinner

  • Thomas started his business ventures young, selling pillows to support himself.
  • He faced a threat when a fake review with a nasty comment was posted alongside his picture.
  • Thomas rose to the position of director of The Fluffy Pillow Company in January 2019.
  • Before his television appearances, he worked at Essex Furniture Ltd. from July 2010 to July 2018.
  • Thomas Skinner is also a professional boxer and enjoys serious workouts at the gym.
  • He loves beer and is often referred to as a professional beer consumer.
  • He is a dedicated diary writer and believes in following his instincts rather than adhering to a specific plan.
  • Thomas is active on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where he shares updates on his life with his followers.
  • He is generous and has donated pillows to those in need from his company.
  • Thomas has an engaging presence on Twitter, interacting with his followers and even organizing contests to boost his company’s sales.

Thomas Skinner’s journey from a young entrepreneur to a reality TV star is motivating. He continues progressing in the entertainment world with his business foresight and charisma.

As he showcases his cooking skills on Celebrity MasterChef, Thomas Skinner’s star is set to shine even brighter.

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