Tweaky Dave Biography, Age, Death, Grave, Story, Book, Twin Sister

Who is Tweaky Dave? 

Tweaky Dave is an American homeless kid and drug addict who would later die in a hospital in Los Angeles, California, in 1993 after suffering from infections in his liver. Now, Tweaky Dave was discovered by Jim Goldberg in the early 90s. Some sources claimed that Tweaky Dave was a prostitute while he was alive. According to sources, he worked as a prostitute in Los Angeles, where he lived on the street.

Jim Goldberg is a famous American photographer, writer, and photojournalist. He started documenting Dave’s story through photography after discovering him on the street of Los Angeles in the 1990s. After Dave’s death, Jim Goldberg wrote a book titled “Raised By Wolves.” 

In the book, he tells Dave’s story, stories Dave personally shared with him while he was alive and lived on the street, and the ones he shared with him on the Jerry Springer Show between 1991 and 1992. And speaking more of “Raised By Wolves,” it is a story with 315 pages. 

And dear, in this article, I will share Tweaky Dave’s biography, age, cause of death, parents, relationship with Jim Goldberg, net worth, and a few other things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, however, let’s take a quick look at his profile.

Profile summary

Name Tweaky Dave
Nationality United States of America
Net worth unknown

Tweaky Dave Biography 

No reports confirmed details about Tweaky Dave’s date. But, we gathered that he was born in the United States of America and held American citizenship by birth. He is of the White ethnic group with a blonde-colored hair type and a brown-colored pair of eyes. 

He was born in Los Angeles, California, part of the United States of America, and grew up as a homeless kid on the cold streets of Los Angeles. Besides this information about Dave’s early life, whether or not he had siblings is unknown.

Well, Dave once claimed that his father once shot him. While this claim may sound authentic, we could not authenticate its authenticity.

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Tweaky Dave Cause of Death, Dead or Alive? 

Tweaky Dave is dead. He died at a hospital in Los Angeles, California, in 1993, after suffering from diseases related to liver infection/liver failure. He was a drug addict who lived on the street and had neither means nor anyone to cater to him, he died at the age of 20.

Before his death, however, he made appearances on the Jerry Springer Show between 1991 and 1992, where he shared his story and biography by extension. Upon his death, nobody even knew him because he was just a random street kid who just passed away due to his bad habits; his reckless lifestyle. 

Tweaky Dave Book, Story

After his death, the photojournalist who discovered and made him share some important parts of his story on his show released a book about his life titled “Raised By Wolves.” This book was released two years after Tweaky Dave’s death in 1995. As it were, after Jim Goldberg released this book, people started showing empathy for Dave.

Dave went through terrible experiences, he had a grotesque scar that runs from the navel to the center of his chest as a result of “experimental” surgery conducted on him as a newborn to correct birth imperfections. Dave’s mum was a “15-year-old junkie slut,” according to how Dave described her before he died. Dave also described his father as a “biker from hell”.

In “Raised By Wolves” Dave recounted how his father shot him in the gut when he was 12 years old.” Dave also tells Goldberg that his dad raped him and turned him into a junkie by forcing dope into his veins.

Then again, his story started gaining popularity so that more people knew about him even though he was already dead at the time. And because his story is a pitiful one, many more people want to read it, and the more they do, the more people know about Tweaky Dave, and the more people feel pity for his soul. 

Side note; while Dave was alive, people who knew him said that he has a sweetheart and that he is the nicest person you’d like to come in contact with. Whether or not this is so, we could not say otherwise either. 

Tweaky Dave Grave, Twin Sister, Family, Death Age 

No reports on the internet have confirmed where Tweaky Dave was buried, his grave, details about his twin sister (if he had one), details about his date and age, and many other unanswered questions about him. However, In the project, Raised By Wolves, Dave was related to a girl called Echo (aka Beth). The project did not say if she was his twin sister.

Tweaky Dave Net worth, Age

Well, Tweaky Dave does not have an estimated net worth. As with most details about his life, no reports have confirmed his age yet. No, sadly. Tweaky Dave is said to have died in 1993 after suffering from liver failure due to drug addiction and abuse of drugs. 

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