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Who is Violet Chang?

History and a cutting-edge reality tell us that violet Chang has remained a recognizable part of the life of Lennox Lewis. Their marriage subsists as an important factor for Violet as that very cause initiated by wedding vows was what brought her to the front page of popularity. Aside from being famous for being Lennox Lewis’s wife, Violet Chang is a renowned model and one-time Miss Jamaica.

This article contains information surrounding Violet Chang biography, age, marital status, net worth, and other facts about her. First her profile summary.

Profile summary

NameViolet Chang
Date of birth16 April 1976
Age47 years
Country of originJamaica
Marital statusMarried
SpouseLennon Lewis
Children(4) Leviah, Ling, Landon, and Lehya
Net worthN/A
Violet Chang profile summary

Violet Chang Biography

According to what unfolded in the vignette pieced together by Lennox Lewis, violet was said to have been born in Jamaica, the place in which she supposedly grew up, traded affairs and relationships with siblings and attended elementary school before she marched on, for reasons known to her, to the united kingdom.

The life of Violet chang and her coming of age experience is one left unaccounted for, as robust as her highlife is, she has failed to deliver insights concerning it, however, information carved out by reads that she was born on the 16th of April 1976.

She married Lewis in 2005 after they began dating in 2000. Ever since their union following the extended period of courtship, Violet has been a significant colonizing presence in Lewis’s life, following his post-boxing career she dedicated an expansive period of her time to grooming him in every conceivable way possible.

Their marriage has still remained rigidly structured under love and care, it has, for now, survived the test of time and housed the expanding population of their family; Violet had hallowed their marriage and family name with 4 children, Leviah, Landon, Ling, and Leya lewis. She does not have a distinct biography attached to Wikipedia but she has been featured in the labeling of her husband on Wikipedia.

Violet Chang Career

Violet Change is a popular model and was Miss Jamaica. She entered another Miss Jamaica Universe contest in 2002, when she was 26-years-old, where she came out first runner-up. In the same vent, she won the Best Hair Award.

Violet Chang Net worth

The condition of her working environment details the empty need for any sort of income so the thorough figure of her individual assets is still phasing through investigation. But as a collective body, her entire household has a stunning $150 million worth in assets.

Violet Chang Physique

The labeled details of her body: height, weight, bust waist, and hips, are yet to be uncovered but she is dark in skin tone and well structured.

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