Viviane Dièye – Herve Renard’s HeartRob

The Ebony Senegalese widow rose to fame after her then marriage to the late French Football Manager Bruno Metsu.

Viviane’s Background

Formerly known as Rokhaya ‘Daba’ Ndiaye, she changed her name to Viviane Dieye Metsu a day after her marriage to her late husband, Bruno Metsu. She also converted from Christianity to Islam due to this.

A Senegalese by ethnicity and the soon-to-be wife of the French football manager and geek, Hervé Jean-Marie Roger Renard. She was born and grew up in Senegal for almost the first decade. 

Is She Older Now?

Is She Older?
Viviane Dieye (C) at Brisbane Stadium (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Vivane, the celebrity wife-to-be, should be in her mid-40s to early 50’s, although her present partner, Herve, is 54. 

Viviane’s Career

Her profession was only known some of the while she was in Senegal. After marriage to her late husband, Bruno, she moved down to the United Arab Emirates alongside her husband back in 2002, where he took up a lucrative job as the head coach for the UAE Football League, defending the team for the champions, AI Ain who the emir of Abu Dhabi owned.

Her Source of Income

Besides being a celebrity wife, Viviane owns a sports boutique in a commercial site of the economic city, Twin Center. It is a famous one-stop shop for celebrities and has some media outlets. 

Some sources also say that the store is sponsored by her current lover, Herve Renard, the eccentric football manager. He has promoted the store several times.

Viviane’s net worth is currently reading $500k to $1 million.

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Relationship Status

Relationship Status
Viviane and Partner Herve Renard ( Credit: The US Sun)

The ebony beauty was once married to the late football manager, Bruno Metsu, shortly after they first met in Italy. They married in early 2002, exchanging vows in a private wedding ceremony and having three beautiful children named Noah, Enzo, and Maeva. She is also a stepmother to Remy, a girl from Metsu’s previous relationship.

After the demise of Metsu, her first husband, she has found love yet again as she is committed to another French football baron, Herve Renard. He was accepted wholly by his three children, Audrey, Candide, and Kevin Renard, and happy in the soon-to-be union. 

Herve’s job gives him many opportunities to explore the globe, and he doesn’t do this without his partner, Viviane. In football, he is regarded as a tactical genius, and he accolades this to his partner, whom he says gives him mental support and ideas for new strategies. 

The couple is happily co-parenting and enjoying each other’s company as they are seen spending holidays, quality time, and her unwavering support deeper in Herve’s coaching career day by day, or instead season by season.

Cause of Her Late Husband, Bruno’s Death

Cause of Her Late Husband, Bruno’s Death
Viviane at his funeral ceremony on October 18, 2013 ( Credit: AFP via Getty Images)

French football manager Bruno Metsu was diagnosed with primary colon cancer at 59 in October 2012, three months after replacing Diego Maradona at AL Wasl FC.

The cancer cells had spread to his lungs and liver when it was discovered. He was even at the terminal stage of diagnosis. He was reported to have barely three months to live. This was a considerable shock to him, Viviane, his wife, and his children as she was said to have broken down in the hospital upon the news.

He battled hard against cancer as he underwent chemotherapy treatment for 18 months. He then gave up the ghost at a clinic in his hometown of Coudekerque-Village in Northern France on October 15, 2013. He became a Muslim in 2006. 

His funeral was Islamic, and it took place at the Senegalese Capital in October 2013 with the attendance of his wife, children, and prominent people in the society like the Senegalese President, Macky Sall, the National Assembly President, Moustapha Niasse, and some footballers from Senegal.

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Tribute to Bruno, Her First Husband

In an interview with Gulf News, she paid tribute to Bruno Metsu just after his funeral. She said, ‘He was such an exemplary man who was always generous to his friends and family. Always putting the needs of others first, even before himself.’ 

Everybody who knew Metsu knew he could concur with his generosity and always good mood. She added that he would always compliment her and the kids, saying they were the best and that the kids would love him forever as he would always be the best, attentive, and funny father they could ever ask for.

‘It’s hard to digest that he is no longer with us,’ she concluded. He had the charisma and personality to choose players he had faith in and always had a way of making them believe in themselves.

Viviane’s Personality

Her Personality
Herve Renard and his partner Viviane at the Ligue (Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images)

Viviane is a simple yet down-to-earth being who does not take quality time with her loved ones for granted. She accepted with open arms Herve’s kids like they were hers, as she was fully involved during Audrey’s birthday, which was a very intimate gathering.

She is also spotted during family vacations with Herve and always at the front row almost every time he coaches his time during a match.

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