Xenophobia – Zambian DJ gets facial transformation after playing South African music in a club

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The Xenophobic attack in South Africa is getting personal, as Africans all over the continent now despise anything that has to do with South Africa – even her music.

A DJ in Zambia, DJ hero was given the beating of his life after he played south-african music in a club at Copperbelt province, Zambia.

The unexpecting DJ rolled in South-African music only for revelers to pounce on him unleashing the fury. DJ hero was left with facial pulps and severe injuries as a result of the mob attack.

We couldn’t tell the particular SAn music that angered the club revelers. But information coming from Star DJ on facebook shows before and after ace transformation of DJ hero at the Night club. He posted the pictures with the caption

“Zambian DJ Hero DJ gains weight in seconds after playing South African music in Club on the a copperbelt #StopXenophobia”

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