5 Popular Celebrities with a snoring problem

messi lionel

Don’t tell me you belong to the group of people that think celebrities do not snore. There are several things you do that celebrities do too – like snoring. We’ll be listing a few celebrities that have a snoring problem.

1. Lionel Messi.

messi lionel

Yes, the GOAT (Greatest of All Times) is topping the list of celebrities with a snoring problem. While sharing a room during World Cup 2010 with his teammate Juan Sebastian Veron, his roommate confessed that Messi is a loud snorer and it kept him awake for a while. “But that could be fixed with a pillow” – Juan added. Well obviously, he didn’t kill Messi for that.

2. Tom Cruise.

tom cruise

Tom Cruise is the first to admit that he is a loud snorer. He stopped sharing rooms with Katie Holmes during their marriage and slept in is called a Snoratorium. Snorenation.com defines Snoratorium as a small, dark, and soundproof room.

3. Prince Harry.

prince harry

Your prince charming – Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex snores loudly while sleeping. His brother Prince William, Duke of Cambridge used to share a room with him during their service at the British military base – this was when he confessed it was the first and the last time he would live together with his little bro – Prince Harry. “He snores a lot. He keeps me up all night long!” – Prince William said to the People Magazine afterward. We have no reviews from Meghan Markle.

4. Shaquille O’Neal.

shaquille O neal

Professional basketball player now retired – Shaquille O’Neal is not a nice roommate. His former partner Nicole Alexander – a TV actress commented in a video dedicated to sleep apnea problems by Harvard Medical School: “I don’t know if I snore because I don’t hear myself!”.

Ladies can’t keep a secret.

5. Ashley Tisdale.

asley tisdale

Ashley is smart – she had her nose job done because she snores loudly and waked herself up. So you thought it was only male celebrities that snores huh? The main star of the Disney High-school Musical series – High School Musical, admitted it was her only option to get rid of snoring.

In case you still don’t know who we’re talking about.

asley tisdale


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