3 Things you do that celebrities do too – number 1 is undeniable

I cannot believe me eyes

There are things you do that celebrities do but many don’t believe it because of the lifestyle celebrities display on stage and social media. So today we’ll be opening a deep secret and it is undoubtedly true about celebrities.

Celebrities go to the toilet too.

woman in toilet

Forget all the packaging and hype on the stage, all celebrities have their toilet moment. Davido goes to the toilet just like you and me, he can’t deny that. The only difference between their toilet moment and yours is that theirs is an expensive moment – costs more nairaw to make their own toilet bowl. Aside from that, they all squeeze their face when the going gets tough in the toilet and also feel that sense of relief when the release was successful. Even Wizkid won’t deny this.

Celebrities cry too.

crying man

The other day, a popular Nigerian DJ – DJ cuppy was seen crying on her live video for reasons yet unknown. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but sometimes it brings tears of Joy – like when celebrities win an award, they cry, Emma Watson for example.

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Celebrities release smelly fart.

I cannot believe me eyes

They are humans and its not a crime if they release a pungent fume into the atmosphere just like every other human. Nicki Minaj farts, and it is unpredictable how smelly it would be. Research conducted by a worthy university suggests that the bigger the butt, the smellier the fart.

Celebrities snore while sleeping.

reporter baby 2

It’s unfair to think that celebrities do not snore. An average human being snores but it varies in intensity. But it doesn’t diminish the fact that some celebrities snore loudly and deeply while sleeping. Lionel Messi, yes the one you know, snores loudly while sleeping. Tom Cruise, Prince Harry, and Shaquille O’Neal snore too.
We have no record of any Nigerian celebrity that snores but very soon we will open their “yansh”.

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