Aaron Rodgers Net Worth 2024: Check Out His 8-Figure Salary

Aaron Rodgers’ net worth is so appreciative that one cannot ignore it. Aaron Rodgers was the first NFL player to receive an annual salary of $50 million at the Green Bay Packers. However, after being traded to the New York Jets in 2023, Aaron Rodgers’ net worth—notably, his salary—will skyrocket.

Photo of Aaron Rodgers running on pitch
(Photo of Aaron Rodgers running. By Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Rodgers was drafted to play in the National Football League in 2005 by the Green Bay Packers as a backup for Brett Favre for his initial three years.

In 2008, he was Green Bay’s starting quarterback, and by 2010, he had led the team to a Super Bowl Victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was given a league MPV and named the Associated Press’ Athlete of the Year in 2011.

Net Worth

Aaron Rodgers’s net worth has been estimated at $200 million, which makes him one of the highest-paid footballers in the world.

Rodgers started his football career at Butte College in 2002 before transferring to the University of California for the Golden Bears.

He would break numerous career records during that time, including the lowest single-season and career interception rates.


Aaron Rodgers Granting an Interview
Aaron Rodgers Granting an Interview (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers has lately been among the highest-paid players in NFL history, with an average annual salary of $50.2 million.

He had previously been the highest-paid player in 2013 after signing a 5-year contract extension worth $110 million. He earns roughly $30 million via advertisements.

He is set to earn a whopping $315 million in just on-field earnings by 2023 when his 4-year contract with the New York Jets ends.

Considering Rodgers’ skills as a quarterback, the team may even extend the contract.


The Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not just known for his incredible tactics on the field but also for his dashing good looks, which have landed the player several noteworthy endorsements.

Some of such deals are with Pizza Hut, State Farm Insurance, Adidas, Sharpie, Izod, Prevea Healthcare, and Bergstrom Automotive, as well as a few local Wisconsin-based advertisements.

He is estimated to earn over $9 million from the endorsements.


Aron Rodger interview with Kolo ABC
Rodgers gives an interview (Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images)

The superstar footballer is business-oriented. He has a couple of investments that help expand his net worth.

Aaron Rodgers and baseball player Ryan Braun established a restaurant in Milwaukee called 8-Twelve; however, the latter’s PED scandal led to the eatery’s discontinuance.

Rodgers has been a limited partner of the Milwaukee Bucks since 2018 and is the only NFL footballer with an ownership stake in the NBA franchise.

Source of Income

Aaron Rodgers’ primary source of income is his salary as a professional quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League (NFL) and through various endorsements.

He is rumored to own a real estate establishment, RFI Holding, LLC. He launched a $50 million business and growth-stage fund with Roth Capital in 2019.

Aaron Rodgers walking in the pitch
Aaron Rodgers walking on the pitch (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Rodgers is a general partner, along with Nate Raabe and Byron Roth. Nonetheless, Rodgers has other streams of income that are made public for specific reasons.


The New York Jets quarterback has lived in many expensive houses, starting with a 4,012-square-foot home in Suamico, Wisconsin, in 2005 for $442,500.00.

He also owns a $10 million, 5,771-square-foot house in Del Mar, California, where he stays off-season.

The estate has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a home theatre, a putting green, a gym, a batting cage, a football field, a basketball court, a spa, a salon, and a sauna.

In 2019, Rodgers moved in with his then-girlfriend, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, into a $28 million, 3,592-square-foot house in Malibu. The house was formerly owned by Janet Jackson in 2009 and by Robbie Williams in 2019.


Aaron Arrives in his car
Aaron Arrives in one of his cars: Credit (Google images)

Aaron Rodgers is the proud owner of an orange 2011 Chevrolet Camaro convertible with a leather interior given by his first NFL team, the Green Bay Packers.

The first car he ever purchased was a Mustang. He also owns a Range Rover, a Ford truck, a Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero, and an eco-friendly Tesla.

Through these, one can argue that the superstar footballer loves exquisite cars. His exotic fleet of cars truly depicts him as a man of enviable affluence.

Charity Work

Aaron Rodgers and David Gruder established ItsAaron, a charity to create awareness for upcoming organizations that wish to change the world. Rodgers also donates to the MACC Fund, Raise Hope for Congo, and other worthy causes.

He gave $50,000 in an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy in 2015 and donated winnings from his 2021 episode of the show. In April 2020, the quarterback raised almost $17 million for charities during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the “All in Challenge.”


Aaron Rodgers’ annual salary is $50,271,000. He landed a 3-year contract with the Green Bay Packers in March 2022 for $150,815,000, which includes a $40,800,000 signing bonus, $150,815,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $50,271,000.

Aaron Rodgers at the 76th Annual Tony Awards
Aaron Rodgers at the 76th Annual Tony Awards (Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

In 2023, Rodgers will earn a base salary of $1,838,888, a signing bonus of $35,000,000, and a workout bonus of $50,000 while carrying a cap hit of $8,888,888 and a dead cap value of $74,000,000.

How Aaron Rodgers Spends His Money

Aaron Rodgers is a man who enjoys spending big money on little stuff. He is a known philanthropist and generous to the people around him. He has donated millions of dollars to charity organizations.

He is passionate about helping children, and he founded his foundation, the Aaron Rodgers Foundation, which offers grants to organizations ready to help children in need.

In addition to his personal spending, Rodgers also invests considerable amounts of his money. He has many business interests, including a Milwaukee Bucks NBA team stake.

He is also a partner in many venture capital firms and has invested in many start-ups.

Rodgers is a known investor. He has made so much money from his investments. He is always ready to continue growing his wealth in the future.

So there you have it for Aaron Rodgers’s net worth. He is a famous footballer, and his taste and longing for material things motivate him to work harder to have the money that will offer him the luxury he needs.

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