Adi Higham Biography, Age, Weight Loss, Wife, The Bidding Room, Net worth

Adi Higham, also known as Adrian Higham or Uday Highamor, is a British business owner and television character, well-known for his appearance in the BBC unscripted TV drama, “The Bidding Room.” 

Adi Higham is also an Antique expert who started the antique business at 21 and has been in the industry for over three decades. As an antique expert, Adi owns and runs one of the most famous UK-based antique companies, Hoof Brocante (based in Romney Marsh on an old RAF base in Kent, the United Kingdom), with his friend-turned-wife, Tara Franklin. 

Hoof Brocante Company deals with 18th-century and 19th-century French Decorative Antiques and French Brocante.

In this article, I will share Adi Higham’s biography, career, wife, kids, age, The Bidding Room, siblings, Instagram, net worth, and a few other things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at his profile.

Profile summary

NameAdi Higham
Date of birth 1969
Age55 years old
BirthplaceThe United Kingdom
WifeTara Franklin
Occupation Antique vendor, Businessman
Nationality The United Kingdom
Net worth $1 million

Adi Higham Biography 

Adi Higham was born Adrian Higham on an unknown date and month in 1969 in his home country, the United Kingdom. He was 55 years old in 2022 and held British citizenship by birth, being a native of one of the towns in the UK. 

Speaking of nativity, Adrian Higham has a White ethnic background and was raised by White parents, who, at the time he was raised, were classified under the working-class population of the UK. Other than these pieces of information, there are few details about Adi’s parents or siblings on the internet. 

As with those details, there is no information about his childhood years on the internet. While this is so, a report on the internet purported that he comes from a family that is (quote and unquote) “rife with diabetes.”

Adrian Higham is 55 years old and celebrates his birthday yearly.

He belongs to the White ethnic group with a white skin complexion.

Also, he holds British citizenship by birth and likely has British ancestry. Yes, he has a British accent as well. 

Adi Higham Education 

Adrian Higham had his elementary school and high school education in one of the local schools in the UK. Of course, he obtained his elementary school graduate certificate and his high school diploma. 

Upon graduating high school, he proceeded to one of the well-reputed and sought-after universities in the United Kingdom, where he is said to have obtained his Bachelor’s degree. 

Adi Higham Career 

The first few paragraphs of this article have given short details about Adi Higham’s career.

And yes, Adrian Higham started a career in the antique sector at 21 and has been in the industry for over three decades — approximately over thirty years old and counting. 

Adi Higham Marriage, Wife

Adi Higham is married to his long-term friend turned Tara Franklin, with whom he owns and manages his UK-based antique company, Hoof Brocante. Tara Franklin is an antique dealer who also worked as an organizer and expert at the Penshurst Vintage & Antiques Fair.

A report says that Adi’s first wife passed away in 2003.

But, notwithstanding the inconsistencies in this report by a source, we will verify and update this article as soon as we do. 

According to another source, Adi Higham and Tara Franklin bought a house in the Pays de la Loire.

Then again, this source reported that the duo collects damaged leather chairs. With this information at our disposal, it is now okay to say that Franklin is still alive (and is not the first wife who died in 2003).

Although we searched all we could, we couldn’t find any details confirming the details of Adrian Higham and Tara Franklin’s children. This is to say, whether or not the duo has children is unknown to us. 

Adi Higham Weight Loss Journey 

Following the death of his first wife in 2003, sources say Adrian Higham gained a lot of unnecessary weight and would collapse in 2015.

According to a report, he collapsed because he was overweight and was 36 stone in weight. 

Speaking of weight, Adi Higham 2017 became one of the participants of the “Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge.” His participation in this challenge, through the help of the organizers, offered him personalized fitness routine training.

Then again, he was given a healthy diet plan, and thus, these plans helped him to manage his weight and health by extension.

Adi Higham Height, Weight 

Adi Higham stands five feet six inches above the ground, estimated at 1.7 meters, 170 centimeters, and 1700 millimeters. He weighs 80 kilograms or 176 pounds and has an average body type. 

What’s more, he has black hair that looks dark brown. He also has a hazel-colored pair of eyes. 

Adi Higham Instagram, Twitter 

Adrian Higham is on the picture and video-sharing app Instagram under the username @hoof.antiques_brocante, with over 8k followers. Also, he has another Instagram account under the username @adi_higham and a Twitter account under the username @hoof39114734 with more than 500 followers. 

Adi Higham Net worth 

Adi Higham has an estimated net worth of about $1 million. He earns his net worth from his career as an antique expert and collector. His net worth is also derived from his position in the antique company he runs with his wife. 

Adi Higham The Bidding Room

During one of his interviews after The Bidding Room show, Adi Higham said in part: “I absolutely(sic) love all of the amazing messages I receive and fans of the show visiting Hoof HQ. It’s just lovely. On set, it’s so easy for me as I’m just me. Meet me in real life, and nothing changes.” 

Furthermore, he continued by adding, “I’m genuinely passionate about my job and life, and being part of ‘The Bidding Room’ has come at just the right time in my bonkers life. I absolutely(sic) love that it’s had such a wonderful reception. People seem to love it, and that’s magical.”

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