Alia Tutor Net Worth: Philanthropy & Success Beyond $50M

Alia Tutor is a multi-faceted professional. She is a distinguished lawyer, entrepreneur, and a dedicated philanthropist.

She is widely recognized as the wife of prominent American businessman Ronald Newton Tutor and CEO of Tutor Perini.

Committed to carrying forward her family’s legacy of impactful philanthropy, she currently serves as the President of the Alia Tutor Family Foundation.

Ronald Newton Tutor, her husband, holds prestigious positions as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tutor Perini and as the President of Tutor-Saliba’s construction company.

Beyond her association with her husband’s reputation, Alia Tutor has made a name for herself through her generous philanthropic efforts.

In October 2022, she garnered significant attention by contributing $17.5 million to Columbia Law, an institution with a significant historical connection to her family. The donation was made through her family foundation, the “Alia Tutor Family Foundation,” to renovate the Alia Tutor Law Library.

Alia Tutor Net Worth

Alia Tutor has carved her own successful path in the corporate and business world, independent of the influence tied to her husband, Ronald N. Tutor. Her impressive net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

Her primary source of income stems from her prominent roles within multiple corporate entities. One is her position as the vice president of business development for Nourish Capital and Yorkshire Global Restaurants.

Alia has served as an advisor at the U.N. Office for Partnerships. She was key in promoting and developing innovative partnerships between the U.N. and corporations, foundations, and civil society organizations during her tenure.

Her efforts helped the U.N. achieve its ambitious Millennium Development goals.

Profile Summary

Full NameAlia Star Tutor (nee. Feltenstein)
Age52 years old
Date of Birth August 1971
Place of Birth USA
ProfessionLawyer and Entrepreneur
HusbandRonald N. Tutor

Alia Tutor Biography

Alia Star Tutor was born in the United States of America in August 1971.

Her grandfather, Sidney J. Feltenstein, and great-grandfather, Moses Feltenstein, attended Columbia Law School, as did her father’s cousin.

Her maternal grandmother Marie is known to have started a boutique clothing, which her mom grew into a successful business.

Education-wise, Alia followed in the footsteps of her paternal grandfather and great-grandfather by attending Columbia Law.

During her time there, she was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, earning at least 15 letter-graded law credits and receiving no grade lower than B-.

Professional Career

Alia Tutor has done some amazing things in her career. She’s the president of the Alia Tutor Family Foundation, where she works hard to continue her family’s tradition of helping others.

She’s also part of important groups, like the president’s council at the University of Southern California (USC) and the Keck Medicine of USC Board of Councilors.

Alia has contributed greatly to USC by creating the Alia Tutor Chair in Reproductive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine.

She’s also involved with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) and has done things like supporting the Global Online Pediatric Subspecialty Training Program.

At Columbia Law School, she’s on the Dean’s Council and set up the Sidney Feltenstein ’26 Scholarship Fund in 2020, showing her commitment to legal education.

Alia has a global perspective, too. She’s been an adviser at the United Nations Office for Partnerships, where she helped create collaborations between the U.N. and different groups.

Currently, Alia spends her time and leadership skills on the board of directors of Indego Africa. They do great work by supporting female artisans in Rwanda, helping them with education and leadership skills.

Alia Tutor’s career is about making a positive difference in healthcare, education, international collaboration, and empowering women.

Personal Life

Alia Tutor is married to her husband, Ronald Newton Tutor (Ronald’s third wife), and they have twin boys. Alia is the stepmother of Tracy Tutor and Kristin Tutor Eberts.

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