Anita Whitehouse: The Life, Legacy, and Influence of Paul Whitehouse’s Mother

Anita Whitehouse’s story is one of passion and influence. Unburdened by the demanding role of motherhood before 1958, she immersed herself in the melodious world of Opera. With her strong ties to the Welsh Theatre, she cultivated a substantial understanding of music and a longing desire to share its beauty with the world. This longing was but one of many things that pushed her to the edge.

It was her domineering presence that contributed significantly to the journey of Paul Whitehouse, the famous comedian celebrated for his exceptional mimicry. Without Anita’s influence, his narrative would have remained incomplete.

Anita Whitehouse, a prominent figure in entertainment for nine decades, captivated audiences and achieved an eminent status. Her silk-like voice and harmonious melodies effortlessly drew the crowds necessary to make her a household name. She was the epitome of versatility, transitioning seamlessly from electrifying performances to letting her charismatic personality shine through. Anita’s infectious positivity had a mesmerizing impact, entrancing those who crossed her path with her indomitable determination to succeed – a trait that drew immense respect.

Despite her towering stature in the industry, Anita Whitehouse remained a woman of virtue and character. Unswayed by the intoxicating lure of fame and fortune, she championed a simple approach to life, devoid of stereotypes and assumptions.

However, as is the nature of existence, nothing lasts forever. Anita’s vibrant and captivating presence gradually receded from reality, slipping into the quiet embrace of death in January 2022. Her funeral was held on February 25, 2022, and donations were sent to Save The Children.

Her music lived on as a national treasure, but even its sway over Welsh entertainment couldn’t withstand the shifting landscape of the music industry. As the popularity of Opera started to wane, so did the spotlight on Anita. Following her demise, Paul Whitehouse emerged as the torchbearer, elevating her legacy to new heights.

Profile Summary

Name Anita May Whitehouse
Date of Birth September 10, 1932
DiedJanuary 2022
OccupationOpera singer
Nationality Welsh
SpouseHarry Whitehouse
Children Paul Whitehouse and Sandra Whitehouse
GrandchildrenMolly, Lauren, Sophie and Delilah

Anita Whitehouse Early Life

Anita Whitehouse firmly believed she was among those destined to contribute positively to her immediate society. The act of giving back was the bedrock of her existence. Born Anita May Jones in the Rhondda Valley, Wale into a humble Welsh family in the United Kingdom on September 10, 1932, Anita cultivated an affable personality. With her ability to perceive the good in everything, she maintained a clear understanding of her surroundings. This perspective empowered her to rise above the average, refining her character to an elevated level.

Anita May Whitehouse on her birthday on 10 september
Anita May Whitehouse on her birthday on 10 september

She cultivated various hobbies akin to the average Welsh girl of character. However, among her diverse interests, music held a unique place in her heart – it was an extension of her soul. The harmonious blend of melody and rhythm transported her to a realm of her own. She found solace amidst the imperfect world surrounding her through this profound bond with music. It provided a sanctuary from the malice and turmoil she felt enveloped by in the world. Within this refuge, her passion for music gently blossomed, evolving until it consumed her mind entirely.

Anita shone as a brilliant Soprano singer, mastering the ability to hit the highest notes in a myriad of musical numbers. In order to hone her inherent talent, she enrolled in ‘The Magic Flute’ at Covent Garden, under the tutelage of Kiri Te Kanawa, and performed lead roles in ‘La Traviata’ and ‘Aida’ with the Welsh National Opera. Her rise to prominence during her time was truly remarkable. Despite her commanding legacy in the world of entertainment, little is known about her background and family.

Anita passed away on January 2022, aged 89.

Anita Whitehouse’s Unyielding Legacy

Amy Whitehouse
Amy Whitehouse

Anita Whitehouse, a passionate music enthusiast, began her journey to stardom as an Opera singer. Her voice, evocative of an angel, paired with her compelling character, set her apart. She was celebrated for her remarkable influence in the music industry, establishing a benchmark for modern vocalists. By setting high standards, Anita challenged future generations to pursue continuous self-improvement. On her journey, Anita Whitehouse had the opportunity to serve as an understudy to Kiri Te Kanawa at Covent Garden. During this time, she studied the rendition of Mozart’s ‘Pamina’s Aria’ from ‘The Magic Flute’ as performed by Kiri Te Kanawa.

Anita Whitehouse’s remarkable career, spanning over nine decades, included performances with the Welsh National Opera in ‘La Traviata’ and ‘Aida.’ However, as her career advanced, it first grappled with the rapidly changing landscape of music and later fell victim to the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease, also known as Senile dementia. Despite these challenges, her legacy lives on through her son, Paul Whitehouse, who is highly respected today for his exceptional comedic talent. Despite facing memory loss due to her health issues, Anita showcased her professional piano-playing skills in a video shared by her daughter. Anita was beautifully captured in the video, masterfully playing “The First Noel” while singing melodiously for her family.

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Anita Whitehouse Children

Born on May 17, 1958, in Stanleytown, Glamorgan, Paul Whitehouse, now 63, is the son of the renowned Welsh singer Anita and coal miner Harry. Influenced by his mother’s connection to the theatre, Paul discovered and nurtured his innate talent. Foreshadowing his future success, he mastered the art of mimicry, a skill that would earn him considerable acclaim.

Anita Whitehouse daughter Sandra Whitehouse
Anita Whitehouse daughter Sandra Whitehouse

Anita and her husband had another child named Sandra Whitehouse, who chose to maintain a life away from the media spotlight.

Anita’s daughter, Sandra, participated in the event ‘Trek26 Stonehenge – 13 miles’ on September 12, 2020, in solidarity with her mother, who was living with Alzheimer’s disease at the time. Sandra’s efforts were successful, raising £669 from 35 supporters for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Anita Whitehouse Son

Paul Whitehouse
Paul Whitehouse

At the age of four, Paul Whitehouse and his sister relocated with their mother to Enfield, Middlesex, England. The distinct English accent heavily influenced him, contrasting sharply with his native Welsh accent. As a result, Paul did not speak for four weeks at his new school, a period he referred to as his ‘silent month’. When he finally spoke, he had adopted the English accent, much to his mother’s surprise, who humorously suggested Paul had made a pact with the devil in exchange for his new accent. However, this transformation was merely Paul’s initial step in mastering the complex art of mimicry.

Whenever he journeyed back to Wales, Paul would effortlessly switch back to his Welsh accent. This talent marked a new era for him, foreshadowing his future in comedy. Paul began to absorb various personalities, later incorporating them into his comedic material. Known globally as the ‘chameleon of comedy’, he empathetically embodied the lives of men who were troubled, notoriously bad, or conflicted. His career was built on mirroring the strenuous challenges and diverse lifestyles of men from all corners of the world.

Despite his engagement in showcasing the follies of men in his comedy, Paul never strayed far from his original passion. In an interview with Hidden Voice, he paid tribute to his late mother, acknowledging that she had the most fascinating voice. On numerous occasions, he declared her to be his favorite artist.

Paul Whitehouse married Fiona, and the couple stayed together for eight years before their divorce in 2000. They had two daughters together, Molly and Sophie. Although not embodying all of his mother’s virtues, Paul had a complex personal life, which included an extramarital relationship with costume designer Natalie Rogers, from which they had a daughter named Lauren. Paul’s third and final relationship was with Mine Conkbayir, whom he met when she was 23. The couple has one daughter, Delilah.

The legacy of Anita Whitehouse has reached far and wide. As a woman of modest character, it’s safe to say she led a fulfilled life, living until the age of 92 before succumbing to dementia.

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Anita Whitehouse Marriage

Anita Whitehouse’s marriage, like any other, faced trials and tribulations. She was wedded to Harry Whitehouse, a worker at the national coal board. Although the exact date of their union is not disclosed, it is known they shared a significant portion of their lives together before Harry passed away at the respectable age of 86.

Anita Whitehouse tragically lost her husband in a car accident when she was pregnant with their son, Paul. Fortuitously, she was not with her husband in the car at the time, sparing her from the accident. After Harry’s untimely death, Anita gave birth to their son, Paul Whitehouse. Post his birth, she relocated to Enfield, Middlesex, England. This move proved instrumental in nurturing Paul’s connection to theatrical comedy.

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