Can I See Your Manager? – Little Adorable Girl Playing Waitress Gets Pissed When Her Mom Asked To See The Manager

In a short YouTube video making rounds on the streaming platform, a little girl was seen playing the role of a waitress taking orders from her mother, and their conversation goes thus;

Mum: I want fries
Child: We don’t have fries
Mum: You don’t have fries?
Mum: Can I have coke?
Child: We don’t have Coke
Mum: You don’t have coke; what do you have?
Child: We have a chicken
Mum: You have chicken?
Child: We don’t have chicken
Mum: Why’d you tell me you had chicken?
Child: *no response
Mum: Can I see your manager?
Child: *pissed

Watch the hilarious video below.

YouTube video

Reactions and comments that followed the video are even more hilarious.

@Tearoze said: She’s the Manager ????
@truth2232: she is the owner, she is the manager & the waitress! what an angel!!
@anitacateron7614: My four year old loved to play waitress. When you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would say ” a waitress. Or a millionaire. She is neither but happy with her husband and three precious Beagles.
@bridgettmuldrow5355: Too precious, especially the look she gave when Mom aka “Disgruntled customer” asked for the Manager…????????????

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