“My little brother was five and he packed his bag” – Relatable Stories of Kids Wanting To Run Away From Home Will Crack You Up

It all started when a little girl decided to run away from home. Her mother let her go. What happened next is both adorable and amusing. Watch the video below.

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The following comments left by users on the video give a complete episode of children attempting to run away from home, and the outcome is exactly what you’d expect – hilarious. Read them below.

My brother once packed up and left – about an hour later I asked mum if we could go find him – we found him at the end of the block sitting on a retainer wall – we asked him how come he didn’t go any further – his reply — I’m not allowed to cross the street alone ????

This is so relatable; the pouting, the defiance, the pride of a child. Then the realization of reality and the situation their choices put them into. Mom: Want to be part of this family? Then the little brother that asks, “What happened?” Classic.

My brother did the same. He made it to the corner when he “remembered mom was making fried chicken for dinner” and came back.

My little brother was five and he packed his bag and stated he was running away. Mom was so sweet and told him he would be missed but to let her pack him a good lunch. She gave him his little lunch with PB &J, some chips and an apple. Packed his thermos and told him to be sure and drop us a postcard and reassured him that he was loved then shut the front door. We peeped out the window and he sat at the end of our driveway in that hot Alabama summer air. After about thirty minutes he came inside all wet with sweat and mad. Mom hugged him and stated how much he was missed. She told me not to laugh in front of him so I went in my room and cried laughing tears.

My baby brother ran away when he was 3. He walked across the street and a few houses down, knocked on the door, and asked our neighbor if he could live with them. We had NO idea he was gone! Our wonderful neighbor told my Mom he had something of ours and pulled my brother out from behind his back. It’s a precious memory.

My oldest was taught by her first teacher that if I neglect her needs it’s abuse. The problem with that lesson is that a 5 year old does not understand the difference between wants and needs. She packed her wagon and was leaving me. I said bye too. Watched her pull her wagon out of the gate and into the open field across the street. She sat there staring at our house. I never took my eyes off of her. She then pulls her wagon back into our yard and told me she is going to give me another chance. It didn’t work. She still couldn’t stay up watching TV for as long as she needed to. I had a long talk with her teacher.

I told my Mother I was going to run away she said “Walk, don’t run, you might get tired and decide to come back. One of the best come back ever.

My daughter did the same when she was around 3, I told go ahead. She packed her little bag, opened the door noticed that it was starting to get dark, she looked back at me. Stated, I’ll run away tomorrow. I said ok and that ended her temper tantrum and never said again about running from home! ????????

When my sister was about this age she told Mom she was running away and never coming back. Mom said she wouldn’t stop her but she sure would miss her. Sis thought about it for a second and then told Mom, “Well, I was thinking maybe you could come with me.”. ????

My oldest did some thing similar. He said he didn’t love or need me any more, and he was leaving. I said ok, bye. He went to his room and gathered a few things in his back pack and went to the front door. He said he was ready to go. I said go where? He replied Grandmas. I asked him how he was going to get there. He said I was going to drive him. I said, “I thought you didn’t need me any more.” He burst into tears and said I do need you, and I love you daddy. He never tried any BS like that again. Today he is a Naval Officer in the US Navy submarine service.

My daughter did this when she was six. It was dark outside so my husband went and hid behind some cars to keep a watchful eye on her as she set out on her trek to God knows where. I watched her from our window(s) and kept seeing her take few steps, stop, and listen for something. She suddenly ran back home in a panic. I ended up finding out that my husband was making howling noises from behind one of the cars parked on the street (something we had not discussed prior lol). When she came in I gave her a big ol hug and asked what happened and she said she “needed a ride afterall” ????????????

I packed my bags and moved to the backyard under the picnic table!
I can relate.
Glad Mom was watching all this time. ????

When daughter was 5 she left sobbing..with her backpack and teddy bear and piggy bank. said she’ll miss us, will always love us…and proceeded to make her journey to her grandma next door

My 4 year old daughter did the same thing including packing food, but when she got to the street, she turned around and yelled, “I can’t cross the street unless someone holds my hand”.

My young son “ran away” once. I was doing some painting in the kitchen, and I said, “Dinner will be on the stove when you get back.” He returned like half an hour later.????

I did this once. Maybe five. I “left” and went around to the side of the house for a few hours. I came back crying cause no one came to look for me. Taught me a valuable lesson that day.

Sister tried this when she was 6 (I was 3). She packed her bags, turned to me, and said, “Come on, let’s go!”. Mom was having none of it. Told her I was not hers to take, informed her that all of her “belongings” were actually on loan, and that only out of kindness would she be allowed to keep the clothes she was wearing so she wouldn’t be naked. To her credit, that didn’t stop her from leaving, but she just sat there on the porch and eventually cried to be allowed back in the house.

My 3 daughters told me they were gonna run away from home. I told them I’d help them pack. In that instant they were like no momma no! They were like 5 or 6. Never did it again.

I said the same thing once, my mom packed me a bag, made me a care package and said good luck. I instantly sat back down and shut up.

My son decided to “run away from home” when he was 5, and he was going to take his toddler brother with him. He took nothing for himself, just a pack of diapers and a bottle of milk for his brother.
I didn’t stop him.
So off they went, him holding his brothers hand, up the sidewalk to the stop sign, and stood there because he was not allowed to cross the street. ???? Wish I had a video camera back then.
Now he’s an engineer, lives away from home, but visits every chance he gets.

I’d “run away” as a little girl. I always ran to a house a couple streets away. My family was good friends with the people there. My mom would call the other mother and say, “She’s on the run” and the lady would say, “Alright, I’ll be ready for her”. Lol

My son did the same at about that age. I actually walked with him around the block and said I would help him find a “better” family. We walked only 2 houses down and he was DONE????.

When my son was about 4, he declared from his 5-point harness in the back seat of the car that when we got home, he was going to run away from home and never come back. When we got home, we asked why he wasn’t packing. “It’s cold out, and I’m kinda tired.” ????

My brother constantly threatened us at age five with leaving us for Brazil. One day, my mom caved and let him go. He made it to the bottom of the steps with his suitcase and returned about 15 minutes later. Upon his return, we all let him know we missed him and asked him all about his super short trip to Brazil ????

My younger sister would pack her bag with 2 of her favorite princess dresses and leave the house. My mom would wave her bye but then always follow her from a distance. My sister would shout to the neighbors ‘bye, I m leaving the house’ and neighbors would wish her all the best. But after 30 mins or so, she would be back home ????

One of my earliest memories is packing my suitcases and running away at maybe six years old. I have no idea what I was angry about. Made it to the corner and tried to hitchhike. Momma picked me up.????

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