Crystalst Twitch Biography, Age, Face, Net worth, Nationality

Crystalst Twitch 1

Who is Crystalst Twitch?

Crystalst is a popular game streamer on Twitch. She became famous for streaming gaming content on Twitch and she has become a popular name in the community, thanks to her gaming prowess.

In this post, I will be writing about Crystalst biography, age, face, net worth, income, nationality, and other facts about the female game streamer. Let’s start with her profile.

Date of birthunknown
Net worthunknown
Crystalst Twitch
Crystalst Twitch

Facts about Crystal Twitch

Crystalst has been on Twitch for a long time now and she has more than 100,000 followers on her channel. She is known by her fans to usually play Grand Theft Auto V, Aim Lab, and Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy.

Crystalst Twitch is discreet about her identity surfacing on the internet. Although she has accounts on Twitter and Instagram, she shares less information about her private life.

She has a British Nationality and this is obvious in her Twitter account. However, there are speculations that Crystal Twitch is mixed, half British, half Philippines.

Crystalst Twist’s age is unknown for now. Furthermore, She hasn’t shared her exact date of birth in the media or her birthday. However, it is possible she is still in her teens or early 20s.

Crystalst removed most photos of herself from social media in a bid to protect her identity, avoid attention and heal from a surgery.
She underwent a surgical operation that may have affected her nose, so she chose to cover it in photos if she had to post it. Regardless, Crystalst Twitch is a beautiful slim lady with black-colored eyes and hair. Below is a photo of Crystalst Twitch face without any coverings.

Crystalst Twitch
Crystalst Twitch

Crystalst has a good number of followers on Twitch which is able to land her some endorsement, but it’s unknown if she has signed any. However, she earns a decent amount of money from her YouTube account.

Games that Crystalst streams are: Grand Theft Auto V, OSU!, Among Us, AI: The Somnium Files, Just Chatting, Aim Lab, Night in the woods, Detriot: Become Human, Genshin Impact, Valorant, etc.
She is popularly known for Grand Theft Auto V.

Crystalst Twitch has more than 5000 subscribers on her Youtube which she started on 16 July, 2020.


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