Cyrus Baxter Biography, Age, Death, Parents, Siblings, Net worth

Who is Cyrus Baxter? 

Cyrus Baxter, also known as Cyrus Russell, is an American social media personality and celebrity family member, well-known for being the eldest Son of Byron Baxter and Ebonie Baxter. Byron Baxter and his better half, Ebonie Baxter, are social media influencers known for their @thebaxterboys family Instagram account with over 1.2 million followers. 

Also, The Baxter Family runs the YouTube channel tagged “The Baxter Boys,” with over 122k thousand subscribers. In this article, I will share Cyrus Baxter’s biography, career, age, mother, parents, death, accident, Siblings, net worth, and a few other interesting things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, however, let’s take a quick look at his profile summary.

Profile summary

NameCyrus Baxter
Date of birth1997
NationalityUnited States of America

Cyrus Baxter Biography 

Cyrus Baxter was born on an undisclosed date and month in 1997 in his home country, the United States of America, and was 24 years old. He passed away in 2021 at 24, following a car crash that claimed his life. Then again, he was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia, part of the United States, so he held American citizenship by birth. 

He has an Afro-American ethnic background, with a black skin color, a black-colored hair type, and a pair of black-colored eyes. According to information available on the internet, Cyrus Baxter is the eldest child of his parents’ four children. Byron Baxter Jr. and Arvaeyah are the names of his siblings.

Cyrus Baxter
Cyrus Baxter

Cyrus Baxter Education 

No reports on the internet confirmed Cyrus’ educational background. However, at the point of his death, Cyrus should have obtained at least an elementary school graduate certification and a high school diploma. 

Cyrus Baxter Career 

While his career and life journey lasted, Cyrus was a social media personality. Then again, he is known for being one of “The Baxter Boys.” Side by side, his parents, Byron Baxter and Ebonie Baxter, and famous figures on the internet, who are mostly known for their family brand, “The Baxter Boys.”

Cyrus Baxter Age, Birthday, Nationality 

Cyrus Baxter was 24 years old. He celebrates his birthday yearly but passed away in 2021 at the young age of 24. He is originally a native of Lawrenceville, Georgia, part of the US, so he holds American citizenship by birth. 

Cyrus Baxter Parents, Siblings 

Byron Baxter and Ebonie Baxter (also known as Ebonie Marie Baxter) are the names of his parents. On another note: Byron Baxter Jr. is his brother’s name, whereas Arvaeyah Baxter is his sister’s. 

Cyrus Baxter Instagram 

Cyrus Baxter’s family has a family account on the picture and video-sharing platform Instagram. Collectively known as The Baxter Family, Cyrus’ family is on Instagram under the username @thebaxterboys with over 1.2 million followers and is following only three accounts. Their account was created in November 2016, and they have made about 1097 posts. 

Moreover, Cyrus’ mother is on the platform under the username @weare_thebaxters, with over 229k thousand followers. She created her account in November 2017 and has, so far, made about 427 posts — she is following about 117 accounts. 

His father, Byron Baxter, is on the app under the username @mrbaxter2018 with over 105k thousand followers and is following 98 accounts. So far, he has made about 2671 posts — he joined the platform in February 2016. The Baxter Family also has another Instagram account under the username @thebaxterbaby, created in September 2020, with over 557k thousand followers and about 72 posts. 

Cyrus Baxter YouTube 

By extension, Cyrus Baxter’s parents and family have a family YouTube account, “The Baxter Boys,” with over 122k subscribers. The family shares content ranging from their children to their encounters as they grow as a family. 

Cyrus Baxter Accident, Car Crash, Death

Sadly, Cyrus Baxter engaged in a car crash in 2021. Unfortunately, the car accident claimed his life. Reacting to his death, his mother wrote in full thus: 

“My Son is gone… I’m up just thinking about his final moments. I’m hurting so bad…Then to see this fake Gofundme when my sons(sic) finale is already paid for~ I’m picking up his ashes in the morning how(sic) dare people….God please help me get thru(sic) this… My Son (sic) why did you leave me? What could I have done? I wanna hear your voice son(sic) like(sic) I did(sic) everyday(sic)… I just want to wake up from this nightmare… My Son is Dead???? I don’t blame you God, I know you loved him more than me, I know you have him now but I’m broken… I’m left to explain to my kids that the Big Brother they love is no longer here… They keep asking for him.. My SON WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME??? Cyrus!!!!!!! Wake Me Up!!!!!” 

Cyrus Baxter Girlfriend 

While alive, Cyrus Baxter was in a romantic relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Deja Hart. 

Cyrus Baxter Net worth 

Cyrus Baxter did not have an estimated net worth. Otherwise, his father, Byron Baxter, has an estimated net worth of about $5 million. 

Cyrus Baxter Height, Weight 

Cyrus Baxter stood five feet eleven inches above the ground, estimated to be 1.8 meters, 1.81 centimeters, or 1810 millimeters. Side by side, he weighed 82 kilograms or 180 pounds and had an athletic body type. 

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