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Who is Dave Castro?

Dave Castro was the director of Crossfit games, an annual competition where different athletes compete amongst themselves to see who is the Fittest in the world. During the competition, athletes would be made to undergo a wide range of metabolic conditioning exercises. Dave is also responsible for programming 129 individual games events. In August 2021, The CrossFit Games revealed that General Manager of Sport, Dave Castro, will no longer be hosting the game’s live Open announcements.

Dave Castor has featured in popular fitness-related movies such as; Froning: The Fittest Man in History. In this article, I would be writing on Dave Castro biography, wiki, movies, age, wife, Navy seal, Instagram, net worth, and other facts about him. First, let’s take a look at his profile below.

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NameDave Castro
Age46 years
Date of birthJuly 20, 1977
OccupationAthlete, Actor
Net worthUnknown
Dave Castro profile summary

Dave Castro Biography

Dave was born on 20 July 1977 to Mexican parents in San Jose California and this is also where he was brought up. His father was a truck driver while there are no details concerning his mother. He attended Watsonville High School which he graduated from in 1996 also, his parents moved to Aromas, California when he was in second grade.

Dave Castro biography
Dave Castro

While in school, he played football and he played the wide receiver position in his team though he started only a few games in his team. After three months, he dropped out of school in 1997 to join the Navy Bootcamp.

Dave Castro Navy Seal

Dave was inspired by the movie The Rock and after watching the movie, he longed to join the Navy seal badly after seeing the way they rescued hostages in the movie. He went ahead to tell his parents of his plan to join the Navy seals and even went further to conduct research on the Navy seals.

He left school in 1997 to join the Navy Bootcamp and he got through the Basic Underwater Demolition training which is a 24 weeks training course that aims to develop the candidate’s mental and physical stamina along with leadership skills. A year later, he was assigned to his first group in the seal. After working with the Navy seals for 13 years, he left in 2009 but the reason for him leaving is not known.

Dave Castro Crossfit

Crossfit is an annual athletic competition owned and operated by Crossfit LLC and athletes compete in a series of events which range from swimming to weightlifting however, the events are only revealed when the game commences and not before the commencement of the game. Dave was introduced to Crossfit by Mark Teight one of the best climbers in the world. He started training at Crossfit headquarters before joining Level 1 seminars and interning with them. Presently, he is the director of training of Crossfit and he once invited the founder to his parent’s ranch.

Dave Castro Movies

Dave Castor has played significant roles in movies such as;

  • Every Second Counts: The Story of the 2008 CrossFit Games
  • Resurgence
  • Froning: The Fittest Man in History
  • The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth

Dave Castro Wife

Dave Castro has not revealed any information concerning his relationship status hence, we do not know if he is in a relationship or not.

Dave Castro Instagram

Dave Castro is very active on Instagram and he uses the handle @thedavecastro to post photos of the Crossfit events and training.

Dave Castro Net worth

Dave Castro’s net worth is currently unknown however, as a former director of the popular athletics event, he is assured of living a good life.

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