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Who is Glynis Barber?

Glynis Barber is a South African actress. She is popularly known for her roles in Dempsey and Make Peace, a British police drama. East Enders, Emmerdale, Night and Day, and Black 7. In this post, I will be writing about Glynis Barber biography, education, career, marital status, relationship and personal life, net worth, filmography, and other facts about her. First, let’s look at her profile below.

Profile summary

Name Glynis Barber
Age 68 years
Date of birth25th October 1955
Zodiac signScorpio
Relationship statusMarried
Husband Michael Brandon
Children1 (Alex)
NationalitySouth African
Net worth$400,000
Glynis Barber profile summary

Glynis Barber Biography

Glynis Barner formerly known as Glynis van der Reit was born on 25th October 1955 in Durban, South Africa to Heather Maureen and Frederick Barry van der Reit.

Growing up under the cicumscribed apatheid policy, Glynis was fortunate enough to view the world from a dystopian end, which for one exposed her to her parent’s divorce. following that she moved—with her mother, from Durban to Johannesburg. at the age of five she started showing noticaeble symptoms of shyness and Reclusiveness but those personality outburst didn’t hamper her from actualizing her predestined career height.

She made a standing point to function as an actress, this was inclucated in her by the lot of her class mate who relentlessly kept forwarding her name for roles to the school Play production

In same Vein and blood Glynis saw light in Helena Suzman, the only recognizable female in liberal parliament as of then. Suzman became a major influencing factor in the life of Glynis, following Suzman visit to Glynis school she addressed a common crowd of wards, Glynis sitting with ice in her veins became triggered to find a path in Politics and human right.

Before she became an active essence in Protimos; a subsisting legal based charity organisation, and Aultism trust, she took on Drama therapy and found footings in several groups by doing so a possible realization into literature came at arms reach. With that being a lamp to her feet she burned through shakespears finest print and constituted plans to make her way to London to further her acting journey.

It was a solid life thrusting plan carved on the wall but so was the ineluctable prowess of death, before she could actualize such plan her mother died. It was a major drawback, she was stonewalled by a chilling reality. the 17 year old Glynis had to take a second route inorder to cover up for the forth coming days of idleness, she became a model and at the age of 18 her stepfather filled in the void and shouldered her plans by supporting her to London.

She studied at the Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts. She started off securing minor roles and functioning as a secretary in 1980 in Bognor.

Her career breakthrough came in 1981 where she adopted the role of Soolin in series 4 of the BBC science fiction television series Blake’s 7.

The year 1982 came rolling with opportunities as Barber seized the title role of the television series “Jane” playing as a second world war heroine. The series was used to test run the blue screen which gave the complete show a cartoon background and by way of that very production “Blue Screen” recieved a rather unceremonious introduction into film making.

Glynis Barner biography
Glynis Barner

She is recognized for her 1989s role as Sgt. Harriet Makepeace in “Dempsey and Makepeace”.
Barber has appeared repeatedly in plays, films, and TV series, following 1987. She starred as Fiona Blake in the LWT drama series “Night and Day”, she coalesced, in 2006, with the ITV soap, “Emmerdale” playing the role of DCI Grace Barraclough. Her character was terminated following the script and in September 2007 she left the soap opera.

The rest of the succeeding years harbored various TV series in which she had key roles. She starred in the 1989 film “Edge of sanity” alongside Vanessa Redgrave as Elizabeth Jekyll and also in the 1997 film deja vu.

Glynis Barber Filmography

  • Invaders of the lost gold(1982)
  • Tanglers( 1982)
  • Yesterday’s Hero( 1979)
  • Terror(1978)
  • Hammer of the Gods(2013)
  • Deja vu(1997)
  • Edge of Sanity(1989)
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles(1983)
  • The wicked lady(1983)

Glynis Barber Marital status and Personal life

Barber married Paul Antony an actor and screen performer who she met at drama school in the year 1976. Their marriage only lasted for 3 years and they got a divorce in 1979.

While filming “Black 7” she got into an affair with Co-star, Steven Pacey, but later terminated their relationship. Barber married Michael Brandon on 18 November 1989 and had a son, Alex, for him.

Glynis Barber Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $400,000 which she has earned as an actress.

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