Hank Jefferies Biography, Age, Parents, Siblings, Net worth

Hank Jefferies is an American celebrity kid and celebrity youngster, well-known for being the son of Jim Jefferies. Jim Jefferies is a renowned Australian and American film actor, comedian, and writer. He is known for creating and starring in the Comedy Central late-night show The Jim Jefferies Show and the American FX sitcom Legit. 

Jim Jefferies was born Geoff James Nugent on February 14, 1977, in Sydney, New South Wales, part of Australia. However, he would later relocate to Perth to enroll at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to study. 

He attended St Ives High School for high school and is said to hold dual citizenship —Australian and American. Similarly, Jim is 47 years old and stands 1.7 meters above the ground. Then again, he once won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy/Variety Talk Series awards. 

In this article, I will share Hank Jefferies’ biography, career, age, father, parents, net worth, siblings, and other things you probably didn’t know about him. Before we continue, however, let’s take a quick look at his profile.

Profile summary

Full nameHank Jefferies
Date of BirthNovember 7, 2012
Age11 years old
Father’s NameJim Jefferies
Mother’s NameKate Luyben
Zodiac signScorpio
NationalityUnited States of America
Net worthnot estimated

Hank Jefferies Biography 

Hank Jefferies was born in the United States on November 7, 2012. He is 11 years old, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. His mom is from Canada, and his dad is from Australia and America.

His parents, Jim Jefferies and Kate Luyben, are famous in the entertainment world. His dad is a comedian and movie actor, while his mom is a movie actress. Unfortunately, Hank’s parents aren’t together anymore, but they still care for him.

Hank’s birthday is on November 7, which makes him a Scorpio. He was born in America, but his family comes from Australia and Canada.

Hank has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He looks healthy for an 11-year-old. His hair is short and looks like a cap on his head.

Hank Jefferies finished preschool a few years ago. Now, he goes to a top-rated elementary school in the US. He’s doing great in his classes, too.

Hank Jefferies Career 

Hank Jefferies has no job yet because he’s just a kid. He’s 11 years old and will finish elementary school in the next couple of years.

His parents, Jim Jefferies and Kate Luyben, are famous for their jobs. Hank’s dad created popular TV shows like “Legit” and “The Jim Jefferies Show.” His mom is also successful in her career.

Hank Jefferies’s Parents, Siblings 

Hank’s parents are named Jim Jefferies and Kate Luyben. They aren’t together anymore, but they both take care of him. After they split up, Hank’s dad married Tasie Lawrence in 2020, and they’re still together. Right now, Hank doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

Hank’s mom, Kate Luyben, is an actress from Canada. She was born on June 30, 1972. She’s famous for acting in movies like Shanghai Noon, Intolerable Cruelty, Frankie Go Boom, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. After separating from Jim, she hasn’t gotten married again.

Hank Jefferies Net worth 

Hank Jefferies doesn’t have a job yet, so he doesn’t have any money of his own. But his dad, Jim Jefferies, has around $12 million, and his mom, Kate Luyben, has about $3 million.

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