Helena Schneider Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Nationality, Net worth

Helena Schneider is the former wife of popular American actor and comedian Rob Schneider. They got married in 2002 but divorced 3 years later. Much is not known about Helena, and this is because she likes to keep her personal life private.

In this article, I will be writing about Helena Schneider’s biography, age, family, movies, nationality, net worth, and other facts about her. First, let’s take a look at her profile below.

NameHelena Schneider
Networth$2 million

Helena Schneider Biography

Helena Schneider is an American who was the ex-wife of Rob Schneider and there is no information about her age, date of birth, family, educational background, and profession and this is because she liked to keep her personal details private even though she was married to a celebrity.

Helena Schneider Husband

Helena Schneider is currently divorced and there is information on her present relationship but her ex-husband Rob Schneider is a famous stand-up comedian and actor who has starred in a lot of movies including the comedy genre. Some of the movies he has played a role in are:

  • Martians go home
  • Necessary Roughness
  • Down Periscope
  • Knock Off
  • Big Daddy
  • The Animal
  • Little Nicky
  • Click
  • Little Man
  • American Virgins
  • Grown Ups
Helena Schneider and Rob Schneider
Helena Schneider and Rob Schneider

Helena Schneider Family

Helena is a stepmother to Rob’s daughters, and she took care of them when she and Rob were still married. Her stepdaughter, Elle King is a musician. There is no information about Helena’s relatives and parents.

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Helena Schneider Net worth

There is no information on Helena’s profession, and she was popular because she was a celebrity spouse; however, she is said to be worth $2 million after she had divorced Rob though this is unverified.

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