Kristin Grannis – Therapist, Jamie Foxx’s Ex, and Mother of His Daughter Annalise

Kristin Grannis is renowned for being the spouse of popular actor and TV host Jamie Foxx. Kristin is an American licensed marriage and family therapist. She had lived calmly in privacy for most of her life before the beginning of 2017 when her relationship with Jamie Foxx became public and a trending topic.

The sudden development set unsuspecting Jamie Foxx’s fans aback. Kristin’s status as the right hand of the well-applauded American Actor and media sensation shot her straight to the peak of stardom. Her involvement in the life of Jamie Foxx had spanned over a decade before the pair decided to dissolve their relationship – this has moved many to question the identity of Kristin, who she truly was, her background, and what really was her deal. This article answers questions about Kristin Grannis and everything you need to know.

Profile Summary

NameKristin Grannis
Age47 years old
Date of Birth4th January 1977
Place of BirthUnited States
OccupationSpeculative Therapist
Marital StatusDivorced – single
Ex-spouseJamie Foxx
ChildrenAnnalise Bishop
Net worth$3 Million

Kristin Grannis Biography

Kristin Grannis was born in the year 1977, in the United States of America, on the 14th of January, to Richard Grannis; she is an American by birth and has Caucasian Ancestry.

Kristin grew up in California but was not part of the popular media or TV world. When she was a kid, she just liked to hang out with other kids and didn’t care about being famous or a celebrity. She lived a simple, normal life like everyone else. She never thought that one day everyone would know her name.

Kristin’s top priority was education; this is depicted in her current career path. She attended a local school in California before enrolling at the University of Antioch in California to obtain a bachelor’s Degree in Arts in 2012.

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Kristin Grannis Career

Kristin is a licensed family and marriage therapist specializing in treating the intricate problems of patients suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and marriage and family trauma. She started her career as a reliable source capable of permeating with implausible ease through the heart of complex mental problems and surging up viable solutions. However, her passion for therapy and the zeal attached became a thing of the past after she met Jamie Foxx. Though she had managed to Joggle her career with the influence Jamie’s famous status brought, she quit her job after she became pregnant for the actor.

While she was pregnant and even after the baby was born, Kristin depended on Jamie Foxx for everything. She became a stay-at-home mom, which her dad didn’t really like. He told Kristin that if she started earning her own money, she would become more independent and that Jamie would respect her more for it.

The stream of events that had followed the rise of Kristin as a celebrity saw her mince over the possibility of returning to her old job. However, much hasn’t been heard about her final decision since 2017.

Relationship Status

Grannis’s relationship with Jamie Foxx was away from the public; though not married, the pair had unanimously decided to keep their relationship coveted. Even after the birth of their first child in the year 2008, they still didn’t make their relationship known. It might be about the confusion between what Kristin’s dad, Richard Grannis, wanted for her and what Kristin and Jamie wanted for themselves.

Grannis’s love story is not necessarily a peculiar one. Some might say it had taken the most boring route of all. She had met the Spider-man: No Way Home actor Jamie Foxx while she was still working as a PR, and lovestruck by his charisma, she decided to give him a chance, and they began dating. In the year 2008, the couple had a daughter by the name of Annalise Bishop.

Kristin Grannis Daughter

Annalise Bishop was born on October 3, 2008, making her 14 years old. She is the granddaughter of Richard Grannis. Annalise was born in America and is part white and part African American. She lives in California with her famous dad. She wants to be a soccer player when she grows up. Her dad, Jamie Foxx, said on TV that she’s the only girl on her soccer team and that she’s a real star.

Kristin Grannis Daughter and Her Ex boyfriend Jamie Foxx

Kristin Grannis Separation

Jamie and Kristin are, however, separated; though they were never married, the pair had decided to go their separate ways. This decision was made and acted upon after speculations surrounding Jamie’s infidelity affair had surfaced in 2015.

It was discovered that Jamie Foxx had purportedly been seeing Katie Holmes, the wife of Tom Cruise, and they have been dating for two years straight. Jamie, who had a child then, was spotted with Holmes in Chicago on a vacation.

Following Jamie’s saga of Infidelity, Richard Grannis, who is Kristin’s dad and wanted the best for her, was involved in the whole case. He said that the pair had moved to resolve things, saying that Jamie and Kristin had conversations about being more together than they already are. He pointed out that Jamie had expressed his worry about residing in Europe because of the paparazzi and would rather base in France.

However, Jamie’s relationship with Kristin fell apart, and custody of their daughter, young Annalise, was bestowed to the actor owning to how financially buoyant he was and his capacity to tend to her every need.

About Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx led an exceptional career, from minor appearances in sketch comedies to major roles in blockbusters; Jamie Foxx has done it all.

Jamie Foxx

He began his journey into the show-biz with a sketch comedy that ended in the year 1994 titled “In living color,” soon after the end of the show, Jamie kick-started his own show titled “The Jamie Foxx Show,” which lasted for five years, from 1966 t0 2001. Following his show’s success, Jamie fully delved into the show-biz starring in many movies ranging from sci-fi productions to Historical to Biographies.

He featured in The Amazing Spider-man as Elektro alongside Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. He starred in Django Unchained as Django and various other movies like Annie, Collateral, Jar Head, Strays, They Cloned Tyrone, God is a Bullet, etc. Jamie has established himself as a living success, and his numerous awards prove his Influence on Hollywood. However, his biggest achievement stemmed from a 2004 biographical adaptation where he starred as the titular character “Ray.” His breakthrough came after his performance in Any Given Sunday, where he played the role of a self-absorb young quarterback whose greatest motivation was the fear of failure.

Jamie brought home Academy Award, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics Choice, and Golden Globes Award for his role as Ray.

Besides his daughter with Kristin, Jamie Foxx has another daughter named Corinne, and her mom is Connie Kline.

Net Worth

Kristin’s Major income came from her career as a therapist. Though she was effective as a first and final call, her influence in resolving home-breed crises did not extend to her own family. Kristin accumulated a total worth of over $3 million, while her estranged lover, Jamie Foxx, garnered a total of $170 million.

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