Liz Trujillo Biography, Relationship, Age, Career, Net worth

Who is Liz Trujillo?

Liz Trujillo is the opposite half of prime American rapper, Flavor Flav. For the most part of her life, fame only came knocking on her door the day she tied the knot with the American rapper.

This article contains information about Liz Trujillo biography, relationship with Flavor Flav, career, net worth, and other facts about her. First, her profile summary.

Profile summary

NameElizabeth Trujillo
Age49 years
Date of birth1975
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseFlavor Flav
ChildrenKarma Drayton
Net worthunknown
Elizabeth Trujillo profile summary

Liz Trujillo Biography

Liz Trujillo was born at the onset of the year 1975; data about her childhood and family background are still left unchecked. Following copious research and meticulous study carried out on her character shows that Liz has no social media persona of any sort ranging from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter.

Liz Trujillo and her fiance Flavor Flav
Liz Trujillo and Flavor Flav

She welcomed a child, karma Drayton, in the year 2010. While trailing her reclusive life it was discovered that even though she suffered an abusive situation during the course of 2012 which sent Flavor Flav to jail, she refused to opt for a divide

Liz Trujillo Career

Liz Trujillo is a legal practitioner whose modus operandi functions to appropriate sustainable developments and international energy contracts. Liz has been titled the founder of America and the Lawrence initiative on global Law policy. The date on which her career took a full swing is yet to be announced.

Liz Trujillo Net worth

Being a lawyer comes around with its advantages, one of which is a colossal income, the total figure denoting the one of Liz Trujillo is still yet to be computed, but for a fact her position as legal practitioner details that there is a significant bulk up in her daily income and total asset.

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