Lyn Lear Net Worth: How Rich Is Norman Lear’s Wife?

Lyn Lear is the wife of Norman Lear, who passed away on December 5, 2023, at 101. According to reports, Lyn Lear is an environmentalist and co-founded a non-profit with a net worth of $50 million.

On the other side, her husband, Norman Leah, had an estimated net worth of $200 million at his death. That is far above Lyn’s net worth.

Her production house is the main source of her income. As a filmmaker, she enjoys a wealthy life and is one of the richest filmmakers in the industry, which has boosted her net worth over the years.

During the course of her filmmaking career, she received a PrimeTime Emmy Awards nomination in 2020 for the Netflix documentary called The Great Hack.

Because of her outstanding work, she has received numerous honors. Lyn Lear worked as a psychotherapist before entering the movie business.

Net Worth

As said above, the estimated net worth of Lyn Lear is $50 million and still counting.

We estimate her net worth based on her movie content and political involvement. On the other hand, her spouse, Norman Lear, is worth $200 million.

Lyn Lear did some investment with her husband before he passed. In 1995, they purchased a multi-structure compound in Brentwood, Los Angeles, for around $6.5 million. The estate was listed in the housing market, selling at 39.96 million dollars.

In addition to their Brentwood estate, the Lears also maintained a two-bedroom condo just off Central Park that they bought for $10.2 million in 2008. They sold their posh pad at 15 Central Park West for $17.5 million in an off-market deal, according to property records in early 2022.

Early Life

Lyn Davis Lear, a Taurus born on May 14, 1947, is 76 years old. She is American, of Caucasian ancestry, and practices Christianity.

Lyn, approximately 141 pounds in weight and 5 feet 7 inches tall graduated from El Camino High School with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

What is known about her early life is scarce. Like her deceased spouse, Lyn was involved in the film industry.

Lyn Lear Productions was the name of her producing firm. This firm produced films on various cultural topics, such as mental health, politics, and climate change.


Lyn studied psychology before embarking on her career as a producer. Her bio on her production company’s website states that she is currently a PhD candidate in clinical psychology.

She was working for the degree when she got to know Norman.

Her production company, Lyn Lear Productions, has made several documentaries on various cultural subjects, including politics, mental health, and climate change.

In 2020, Norman, who was 98 years old, created history by becoming the oldest nominee for an Emmy. That year, Lyn was nominated as well.

She served as executive producer for the Netflix documentary The Great Hack, nominated for an Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special award.

Prior to pursuing a career as a producer, Lyn studied psychology. Her bio on her production company’s website states that she is currently a PhD candidate in clinical psychology. As she got to know Norman, she was pursuing her degree.

In the PBS documentary Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You, Lyn recalled how they became acquainted while working on her dissertation.

“We understood religion and fundamentalism in America exactly the same way,” she stated.

Lyn Lear Projects

  • Cesar’s Last Fast
  • Where’s My Roy Cohn?
  • The Great Hack
  • Fantastic Fungi
  • The Fight
  • Rebel Hearts
  • Bring Your Own Brigade
  • American Masters
  • The Vow
  • The Lincoln Project
  • The Man Will Burn
  • Empathy Not Included
  • I Got a Monster, and others

Norman Lear and Lyn Lear’s marriage

Norman Lear and Lyn Lear were married in 1987 in the presence of their loved ones. Regretfully, her spouse, Norman Lear, went away on December 5, 2023, at 101.

His work on television series like “All in the Family,” “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” and motion pictures like “The Princess Bride” and “Fried Green Tomatoes” made him well-known.

After dating for almost three years, Lyn Lear and Norman Lear were married in 1987.

They had first connected in 1984 through mutual friends. Their love endured for 36 years until Norman’s death, despite their 25-year age difference.

The couple’s three children were Madeline Rose Lear, Benjamin Davis, and Brianna Elizabeth.

Norman had previously been married to Frances Lear and Charlotte Lear. Lyn was his third wife.

Lyn and Norman Lear established the Lear Family Foundation in 1997. In addition to being a well-known writer and producer of numerous sitcoms from the 1970s, such as “All in the Family,” “Sanford and Son,” and “The Jeffersons,” Norman Lear is also a left-leaning activist and donor.

Norman Lear assisted in founding both People for the American Way and the Environmental Media Association, both of which have received significant financial support from the Lear Family Foundation.

The Lear Family Foundation donated millions of dollars to liberal grant-making charities, ecological organizations, and left-wing media outlets.

Finally, the estimated net worth of the filmmaker Lyn Lear is $50 million. Her late husband, Norman Lear, was a wealthy man, estimated to be worth $200 million. She now gets to decide how to invest both assets to make more money for charity through The Lear Family Foundation or her children.
Lyn and her late husband created The Lear Family Foundation in 1997 as a private foundation providing financial support to nonprofit organizations.

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