Everything To Know About Late Norman Lear’s Six Children

Norman Lear created some of the most popular shows on television. The late creator of All in the Family had a blended family.

Norman had six children from his three marriages: Ellen, Kate, Maggie, Benjamin, Brianna, and Madeline.

Norman married Charlotte Rosen in 1943, and their daughter, Ellen, was born in 1947.

Their union lasted till 1956. From 1956 to 1985, he was married to his second wife, Frances Loeb. Before their divorce, the couple had two daughters, Kate and Maggie.

When Ellen was a teenager, the couple moved to New York with her.

Loeb died of breast cancer in 1996 at the age of 73. In 1987, the Maude creator married his third wife, Lyn Davis Lear.

Benjamin, their son, was born in 1988. Brianna and Madeline, their twin daughters, were born in 1994.

They remained married until his death in December 2023 at 101.

Who is Norman Lear’s wife?

Lyn Davis Lear, Norman Lear’s most recent wife, died in 1987. From 1943 until 1956, he was married to Charlotte Rosen, and from 1965 to 1985, he was married to Frances Loeb.

What became of Norman Lear’s first wife?

Charlotte Rosen, Norman Lear’s first wife, divorced him when he wanted to travel to New York City to improve his career, and she opted to stay in California.

Does Norman Lear have kids?

Norman Lear’s three marriages resulted in six children.

Here’s an information table summarizing Norman Lear’s children:

NameBirthdateAgeOccupation/Notable Information
Ellen Lear1947-01-0177 years oldSex therapist in New York
Kate Lear1957-01-0167 years oldBroadway producer, married to Dr. Jonathan LaPook
Maggie Lear1959-01-0165 years oldPresident of the Frances Lear Foundation, campaigner for social reform
Benjamin Lear1988-01-0136 years oldDirector, studied music at New York University
Brianna Lear1994-01-0130 years oldAttended the University of Southern California
Madeline Lear1994-01-0130 years oldTwin sister of Brianna

Ellen Lear – 77 years old

Ellen Lear

Norman Lear’s oldest child is Ellen Lear. Ellen, born in 1947 to parents Lear and Charlotte Rosen, reportedly worked as a sex therapist in New York.

On October 25, 2019, Norman Lear and Ellen Lear attended the 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards presented by American Airlines and Jaguar Land Rover at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Kate Lear – 67 years old

Kate Lear

Norman Lear’s second-eldest daughter, Kate Lear (born 1957), is his first from ex-wife Frances Loeb.

Kate is a Broadway producer who has worked on shows such as Catch Me If You Can and Of Mice and Men.

She is married to medical professional and CBS News correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook.

Honoree Kate Lear and Dr. Jonathan LaPook, a journalist for CBS News, attended the Ballet Hispanico 40th Anniversary Spring Gala at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom on April 11, 2011, in New York City.

Maggie Lear – 65 years old

maggie lear
Maggie Lear (credit; TASIA WELLS/FILMMAGIC)

Maggie completed her master’s degree in social work at New York University. She is the President of the Frances Lear Foundation and a full-time campaigner for social reform and criminal justice concerns.

Benjamin Lear – 36 years old

Benjamin Lear
Benjamin Lear (credit: DAVID LIVINGSTON/GETTY)

Benjamin Lear, Norman’s eldest child with his third wife, Lyn Davis, was born in 1988.

He is Norman Lear’s only son and will carry on his father’s legacy. He directed his first film, Call Us Monsters, in 2016 after studying music at New York University.

The video described how “legislators debate legislation that allows for adult charges for juvenile offenders,” as well as the impact of the penal system on young offenders.

Ben directed Bad for the Boats in 2017, which he describes as a “metaphysical thriller masquerading as a farcical comedy about the devastating consequences of being a narcissistic asshole.”

Regarding his father, Benjamin stated in 2016 that “I knew he was a pretty big-time guy from very early on, but it had already been a whole generation since those shows were filling the airwaves,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I recognized the characters. I’d seen pictures of them. I could sense his sense of humour and perspective in them. But I hadn’t really gotten started.”

Brianna Lear and Madeline Lear – 30 years old

Brianna Lear and Madeline Lear
Brianna Lear and Madeline Lear

In 1994, Norman and Lyn welcomed twin daughters, Madeline Rose and Brianna Elizabeth Lear. Norman’s wife was 47 years old, and he was 72 years old.

Brianna later attended the University of Southern California. “When we were young, we frequently attended plays and musicals.”

We watch a lot of movies together, which is both healthy and unhealthy. I grew up as an industry kid.

For the majority of my life, both my father and mother encouraged me to pursue a profession in acting and singing.

“That’s what I thought I wanted to do,” she said in a 2018 interview. “I eventually shifted gears, but it’s still something that’s very important to me.”

I am often reminded of the value of art and music for self-care. It’s something I really miss. And I’d like to discover additional ways to include it.”

Is Norman Lear the father of any children?

Ellen, Kate, Maggie, Ben, Madeleine, and Brianna were Norman Lear’s six adult children.

Is Norman Lear the father of a daughter?

Norman Lear was the father of five daughters and one son. Ellen is his first wife’s daughter; Kate and Maggie are his late second wife Frances Loeb’s daughters; and twin girls Brianna and Madeleine are his last wife Lyn Davis’ daughters.

Is Norman Lear’s marriage still going on?

Norman Lear and Lyn Davis were blissfully married from 1987 until his death on December 4, 2023.

Norman Lear has how many grandchildren?

Norman Lear was the grandfather of six grandchildren. Though their identities are mostly unknown, we know four: Daniel, Noah, Griffin, and Zoe.

What is Norman Lear Net Worth?

Norman Lear’s net worth is thought to be around $200 million. It’s the result of 70 years of hard labor!

He also paid his ex-wife Frances Loeb a huge $100 million divorce settlement; otherwise, his net worth would have been even higher.

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