Martel Maxwell Biography, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

Martel Maxwell is a Scottish journalist, news anchor, radio and television presenter. She is well-known for anchoring the daytime show tagged ‘Homes Under the Hammer.’

Martel Maxwell is famous for being a journalist and a television radio presenter. In this post, I will share with you Martel Maxwell biography, career, height, marriage, net worth, and some other things you probably didn’t know about her. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at her profile.

Profile Summary

Name Martel Maxwell
Age 46 years old
Date of birth 9th March 1977
Mother Anne Maxwell
Relationship statusMarried
HusbandJamie Parrat
Height 5 ft 3
Net worthUnknown
Martel Maxwell Profile summary

Martel Maxwell Biography 

The Scottish journalist, news anchor, radio and television presenter, Martel Maxwell was born on 9th March 1977 in her birth country in London, United Kingdom. She celebrates her birthday every other 9th March.

Growing up, Martel didn’t have the opportunity to share her childhood memories with her father, as her parents separated when she was just two years old. Her mother, Anne Maxwell, moved her from London to Scotland, where she (Martel) and her younger sister, Holly Maxwell-Stevenson, were raised.

Martel Maxwell 1
Martel Maxwell

For her education, Martel Maxwell had her high school in Scotland at Dundee High School and her university education at the prestigious University of Edinburgh. At the University of Edinburgh, she studied and obtained a Bachelor of Law in Criminology at the age of 22.

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree program, Martel attended the University of Dundee, where she bagged a Postgraduate Diploma in Law. Surprisingly, she changed her career choice from Law (which was supposed to be her original career choice) to Journalism. 

Now, Martel is a journalist and television radio presenter who holds a post-graduate diploma in Newspaper Journalism from the prestigious London City University.

Martel Maxwell Career 

As earlier pointed out, Martel Maxwell is a Bachelor of Law in Criminology and Postgraduate in Law degree holder who decided to pursue a career in Journalism after all her certifications in the legal industry. 

Plainly, Martel is a journalist. A famous journalist and television radio presenter who holds three degrees to herself. 

As a journalist and television radio presenter, Martel has done so much for herself in the media industry. Since she started a career in the media industry, Martel Maxwell has worked with and for prominent media outlets, including BBC Inspired, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC1, ITV1, BBC, The One Show, and Landward. 

Aside from being a journalist and television radio presenter, Martel is also a writer. She’s a writer who has written many novels, including her debut novel, “Scandalous.”

Notably, ‘The Sun’ is amongst the first media outlets she worked with during the early years of her career. At The Sun, Martel worked as a show business, a reporter in the city, and women’s news for almost seven years. As it was, she has freelanced and written pieces for The Bizarre Column, the Evening Telegraph, The Scottish Sun, and many others. 

Martel Maxwell Marriage 

Martel Maxwell is married to Jamie Parrat, with whom she has been married since 27th April 2012, and has three children. Jamie Parrat is said to be the Director at R6 Ventures Limited, an active company located in Dundee, Scotland.

The now-couple is said to have been friends since age five. They got married in 2012 and have Monty (born 2013), Chester (born 26th November 2014), and Guthrie together. 

The love-duo shares a lot of parental relationships with their children, whom they love as much as they love themselves. 

Martel Maxwell Height 

While her height stands at 5 ft 3 inches, Martel Maxwell’s birth sign is Pisces. She’s white by ethnicity and Scottish by nationality. 

Martel Maxwell Net worth 

Although the exact net worth of Martel Maxwell is unknown to the public, sources estimate the average annual salary of TV presenters to be $53,167 thousand and $55,501 thousand for an average radio presenter in her rank. 

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