Martin Short Wife, Nancy Dolman – What Happened To Her?

Martin Short Wife: Martin Short married a famous actress named Nancy Dolman in 1980. The couple was together for 30 years, from 1980 to 2010. Their union ended when Nancy Dolman died in 2010.

Martin Short is a Canadian actor known for movies such as Inherent Voice (2014), Innerspace (1987), and Only Murders In The Building (2021). His full name is Martin Hayter Short. He was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on March 26, 1950, which was a Sunday.

Martin is currently 73 years old. When it comes to religion, Martin Short is Catholic.

Martin Short Wife, Height, and Net Worth
Martin Short and Wife (Credits:

Martin Short Career Journey

A few years later, Martin got his first big opportunity in comedy. He was part of two sketch comedy shows, one after the other. First, he was on a show called SCTV (which stands for Second City Television) from 1982 to 1983. 

This led him to be on a season of Saturday Night Live from 1983 to 1984. While he was on Saturday Night Live, he brought some of his funniest characters from Second City, like Ed Grimley, and this character even got its cartoon show on Saturday mornings in 1989.

Martin had some of his funniest moments on the big screen in movies like Three Amigos, Captain Ron, Father of the Bride, and The Santa Clause 3. He also did amazing work on stage and was nominated for two Tony Awards, winning one for Little Me in 1999. 

He played great roles like Leo Bloom in The Producers and even had a show where he played himself called Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me. Martin’s career is still going strong; nothing can change that, not even a negative article.

Martin’s Education

People often wonder where Martin Short went to school. Martin Short studied at Westdale Secondary School for his high school education. After that, he went on to McMaster University for his college studies.  As for his educational qualification, Martin Short graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work. That means he worked hard and learned a lot in college!

Martin Short Wife

Martin Short was married to Nancy Dolman until she passed in 2010. He has not re-married after his first wife died.

Martin Short is a well-known person from Canada and the United States. He is an actor, comedian, singer, and also a writer. He is really good at what he does, and he has won some important awards for it. Important people, like the Queen, have even recognized him!

Is Martin Short Married?
Martin Short and his wife Nancy Dolman (Credits: Closer Weekly)

He married a famous actress named Nancy Dolman in 1980, and they were together for a very long time, like 30 years! They were a great couple in Hollywood, but sadly, Nancy passed away because of a serious illness called ovarian cancer in 2010. People saw them as one of Hollywood’s best couples because they cared about each other.

What Happened to Martin Short’s Wife? 

She sadly passed away in August 2010 from Ovarian cancer.

In a talk with AARP in January 2019, they asked Martin about his 30-year marriage to his late wife, Nancy Dolman. He said, “Our marriage was really great.” 

Nancy passed away because of a sickness called ovarian cancer, but Martin still talks to her like she is still here, as mentioned in PEOPLE.

He sounded like, “Hey, Nan,” like he was conversing with her, thinking about what she would say about different decisions, especially those involving their three kids.

He also talked about how he does not really get why some people stop talking about their loved ones after they pass away. He said, “I think when people die, they go into the hearts of those who love them.” 

To him, the idea of just ending everything and not talking about them is not right. He thinks that this way of dealing with it is because people don’t want to think about their own death.

Losing his wife was very sad for Martin, but he found something positive in the experience. He said her passing made him feel more courageous and willing to take chances. You become a little stronger when you go through a sad time like that. 

Death is scary because we do not know what happens afterward. But when you lose someone you love, you feel a connection to the idea of death that you did not feel before. This gives you a better understanding. Martin believes that when people die, they stay close to those who love them, which is a special gift.

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Martin Short Family & Relationship

Martin Short Family & Relationship
Martin Short Family (Credits: Closer Weekly)

People often want to know about a celebrity’s family. So, here is some information about Martin Short’s family:

The name of Martin’s father is Charles Patrick Short, and his mother’s name is Olive Hayter.

Martin Short has three brothers named Michael Short, Brian Short, and David Short, and a sister named Nora Short.

When it comes to Martin Short’s marital status, well, he is divorced. He married a lovely lady named Nancy Dolman from 1980 to 2010.

Martin Short also has some wonderful children you will want to know about. He has two sons, Henry Short and Oliver Patrick Short, and a daughter, Katherine Elizabeth Short.

That is a bit about the people who are a part of Martin Short’s family. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and they are very important!

Martin Short Net Worth & Luxury

Martin Short Net Worth
Comedians in Car Getting Coffee” Martin Short (Credits: IMDb)

Let’s talk about Martin Short’s net worth and some cool things he enjoys:

Martin Short’s net worth is about 50 million US dollars. Of course, that is a whole lot of money!

Check out: Martin Short Net Worth

With that kind of money, Martin Short can enjoy some luxury items. He might have a fancy house, nice cars, and even some cool vacations. 

It is important to remember that while having nice things is fun, what is even more important is being a kind and caring person. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can help make life more comfortable. Martin Short has worked hard in his career, and he has been able to enjoy some luxuries along the way.

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